The Bridge

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was 11-12 years old my family and I had a family band. My parents are musicians and that’s why they educated me and my two brothers very musically and we have been around great music a lot. The band consisted of my parents, my brothers, two more musicians on bass and drums and me. All together we were called “Die Pullums” and we played great concerts, were played on the radio and even have a recorded album which is still out there. We always had a great time and because there is nothing more fun than doing what you love with the people you love.

So one day we had a concert and i was nervous even though i knew all my stuff. On that concert everything went well. We played a lot of songs and the atmosphere was great. But there was this one song which i can exactly remember at the end of the first set which i miserably messed up.

The bridge.

The bridge (in the world of music) is a part somewhere between the middle and the end of the song (varies in every song)and normally differs from all the other parts. And maybe that is the reason why i felt so bad about it. Because it is a different thing than the rest of the song and that’s why people remember this part so well. It’s totally normal and fine to forget a part of the lyrics or mess something up during the song but I was 11 years old and I had this (for me) massive crowd consisting of around 200 people in front of me. I was so scared and even though i knew everything else i just couldn’t remember the words no matter how hard i tried. This short moment of 6 seconds felt like horrifying 10 minutes.

The most horrifying 10 minutes of my 12 year young life.

I forgot all the good things i did before in the concert. My face froze and i just stood there looking into the crowd like somebody who just got scared to death.

1 second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds. 4 seconds. 5 seconds. 6 seconds. 

And then i suddenly remembered the rest of the bridge and started singing again! I felt so bad after the concert and my parents had to comfort me and tell me appeasingly that it is not a big thing. I somehow always hang on to small bad things that happen even though they’re not important. Nowadays when i see a video of that embarrassing little part i can only laugh about me because i now am totally fine with performing on stage and know that failures will happen.

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