Snow Day

October 20, 2017
By lenavaladez28 BRONZE, Battle Creek , Michigan
lenavaladez28 BRONZE, Battle Creek , Michigan
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Me my cousins and my sisters ,All of us with smiling faces and loud voices were bounding out the condensation covered glass door with out trying to hurt each other . We all had warm fuzzy hats, Cozy mini mittens ,Long knitted scarfs we got on clearance the year before , Big floppy snow pants that made a sound every step you took , And boots that kept your feet the perfect temperature maybe a little hotter . We flung the door open quickly like horse in a race and ran out two by two , My cousin Jon picked up the fresh snow and he made a snow ball. The snowball he made got thrown stupidly at one of the girls that girl happened to be me ,When he threw it he swung around with his arm out and let go. The snow was super cold with a slight burning sensation running down my face into my jacket . Then we all picked up snowballs and threw them at each other like we were in world war III . Jon the cousin that struck me with the perfect circular snowball got one thrown forcefully at his face aswell but by me instead, it hit jon so hard that it looks as if I sprayed him with water and the water wrapped around his head .


We all decided to just make snow angels because both of the boys were complaining that me and my sisters threw to hard . I plopped down ruffly  in the cold freshly fallen snow face first I felt the cold snow burning my skin as if i was close to a fire .I felt the heat from my breath circulating in the hole my face was in, Every time I breathed in I felt my lungs go cold and then let go of the winter air.

I got out of the snow and my pink glasses felt like ice on my numb face. There was snow falling from my freezing hair like a waterfall of snow and ice cold glasses I look over at the boys and they started to giggle because I looked like cousin IT from the Adam’s family .

While I was face down in the snow my younger sisters Aryalan and Samara and my  cousin’s Jon and  DJ were trying to accomplish a snowman , They already have the bottom and were working quickly on the middle . By the time they got done with the middle they pushed it too quick  and it fell into the creek that’s in my backyard with a great big splash, Their faces were slightly sad but mainly tired so Samara and DJ left and went  inside to go warm up which left us three older ones outside in the cold all wound up .We  played tag and  zombie games were Jon would run after us shouting brains . After that  We all just fell backwards into the snow softly  and looked up squinting our eyes looking up at the bright sun. After a little bit of laying down we wanted to play a trick on DJ . So we found some stuff we needed,We found and very slippery sign and there was plenty of snow so we planned quickly and started piling snow on top of the very slipper sign .

Us loving cousins and brother called him back outside from where he was nice and warm and set the trick in place.

We said that we had something to show him something and started running and when we flew around the sign so did he, He ran as if he knew what we were planning and just ran around . The cousin that helped us plan the trick forgot where we put the sign and  slid across the sign so fast he looked as if he was going to win the the olympic race for backwards swimming he was also flapping his arms as if he was a baby bird trying to fly  and landed on his butt and kept sliding . We laughed as if he just told a really good joke to make any kid laugh. After we helped him up it was my turn. I went to the end of the yard and booked it toward the sign I felt my heart racing ,but as soon as I got to the edge of the sign  I felt regret and slid onto my butt super fast and slid right into DJ which threw him to the ground  . A few times after us falling to the ground and dancing like starz on ice we got tired and went inside for some hot coco and some rest for tomorrow’s adventure .

The author's comments:

this memoir about and day I got to spent with my cousins and little sisters . it was one of the happy moments i had with my siblings and cousin's before DJ passed away .

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