The Tragedy of My C.I.T. Summer

October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

I was 14 and had just joined this thing called a Venture Crew, a branch of the Boy Scouts. I was having an online meeting with the crew that night because not everyone could make it to the church that we normally go to. The leader (Mr. Ledbetter) brought up staffing at a local camp that a few of the members (Courtney, Cliche, Sarah, and CJ) had been staffing for a few summers before. I figured why not try this and submitted an application. After a few days of waiting I got accepted and after the last day of 8th grade I left for camp.

When I got there I was greeted but who I soon figured out was my program director. I got my information and cabin arrangements. I looked at a map to see where my cabin was then had my mom take me there. I take one of the beds on the upper level of the cabin in the loft. I soon realized that was a mistake as I had to haul all of my stuff up the stairs.

After I got settled in and my mom left I wandered over to the dining hall to meet the other people. I was full of anxiety but that soon went away as I was greeted by the other staff members. I sat next to Thomas who I became good friends with. To my other side was Devin but he had the nickname Nitro; he also became one of my best friends that summer you’ll hear about him later. As the summer went on I spent most of my time in the craft area. One day close to the end I was going down a path to the camp firebowl.

Next thing I know I’m on the ground and my leg really hurts. The pain brings me to tears and I scream as I find out I can’t move my leg. 

Nitro hears my screams from the fire area and comes running to me. He asks what happened as well as if I was okay. I answer him that I can’t move my leg. He gets on his radio and calls for the medical officer Robby. Within seconds I hear the golf cart coming in my direction but I’m in too much pain to be reaved.

I’m rushed to the hospital via car and greeted with a bunch of nurses trying to obtain the same story of how it all happened. The doctor guy comes in then has me get rolled to the x-ray room. I remember them picking up my leg to put a cold bord under it and me doing everything not to scream out in pain. A few bone pictures later I get rolled back to the room where I wait to get told the news.

I have a broken leg…

My dad rushes into the room as the doctor was telling me the news. That was the end of camp for me. I get a fake cast thing on my leg so the swelling goes down. The following day I go back and get a cast. They ask me what color I want like it’s the most important decision ever. I tell them purple then they ask the shade. At that point I was starting to get a little annoyed and told my dad to pick.

I go home and mope in my bed because I don’t feel like walking around on the crutches. This goes on for a few days till my mom suggested that I can visit camp. I go and visit to see everyone. I’m so excited to see everyone again. I really missed camp. I’m greeted with hugs along with a very popular question, “Can I sign your cast?”
We sit and talk as everyone asks how I’m doing and how I’m feeling now. I leave with a highly decorated cast with many names on it. There are also many doodles along with the words to one of the staff cheers. I was so happy that I got to see them again and for some it was the last time I’d be seeing them. They weren’t going to return in the following year because they had to go adult and get a real job.

That was the tragedy of my C.I.T. summer…

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