Growing Apart

October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was younger I would hang out at my grandmas house with my cousins while I waited for my parents to come home, she had this patio outside that we would play on and she had a big forest area just across the way a little bit that we would play hide and seek in, my uncle, dad and grandpa had made trails in the forest for us to go on. I always had so much fun hanging out with them because we always played games like hide and seek, tag and house and we would go exploring together in the woods, my grandma had this inflatable thing, I don’t know what it was called but it was like a trampoline and one side was higher than the others so we would have someone lay there and then someone else would climb up higher than the trampoline then they would yell “Cannon ball!” as they jumped onto the trampoline and the other person would go flying up, it was always fun to do, unless you hit the ground on your way back down. We even made up a game that we could play when it got dark out we called it zombies, the game is where one person would be a ‘zombie’ while the rest of were human and they had to get away and not be turned into a ‘zombie’, we would climb up the camper and stay there since the ‘zombie’ couldn’t climb and then climb back down when the ‘zombie’ wasn’t looking and run away, I was always a little scared when we climbed up the camper because I had a small fear of heights but as long as I didn’t look down I was fine, as we ran away we always split up because we all were thinking that there was only one ‘zombie’ and he can’t catch us all if we split up. After about a year we stopped hanging out as much because T.J. and Tyler were getting older Logan and I were younger than them, so we got out at different times than them and they wanted to do other things instead so we drifted a little.

Whenever we went to Tri-Lake Trails campground we always hung out at the park even though we weren’t as close as we once were, we would always be there because we waited until it got dark and then we played a game called ghosts in the graveyard which is basically hide and seek tag but it’s dark and the seeker is spinned on the merry go round so they are slightly dizzy when they start looking for people. It's always a fun game because there is a pavilion in the park that we would hide in, behind or next to as we waited until the seeker moved before we would make a run for the merry go round because it was a safe spot that if you got there you would be safe and couldn’t be tagged, there was also a bathroom that you could hide in right next to the merry go round along with a few trees I would hide by the merry go round and wait till the seeker wasn’t looking or going after someone else and then go for the merry go round. Even though we weren’t as close as we were before we still hung out together and had fun, we would never be as close as we were before but we will still be family no matter what.

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