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October 19, 2017
By andygoblue78 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
andygoblue78 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Every saturday between September and January there is college football, and every weekend I watch a lot of college games.Especially Michigan, and some weekends get pretty scary with the opponent they face. Michigan’s first game in the Big House will be against Cincinnati starting at 12:00pm, and Harbaugh is coming into the game with a chip on his shoulder after coming off a solid game against Florida winning 33-17. This year Michigan is doing pretty well at 5-1, they have scared me a couple time this season going against Air force, Cincinnati, and Purdue. Michigan all time school record is 940-335-36, they have the most wins in college football history, Their bowl game record is 21-24, they have 42 conference titles, and they have 11 national championships under their belts. 


One of Michigan's most rememberable time is during the 10 year war.This is was when Bo Schembechler took over the coaching job for Michigan, the ironic thing is though Bo was good friends with Ohio State's coach Woody Hayes. Bo went 4-5-1 against Woody but every game would get heated. Ohio State even came out of the Michigan tunnel during the 1973 game and tore down Michigan’s prized banner, in that game they ended up tieing the game 10-10 when Ohio State blocked the game winning field goal, one of Ohio State’s linebackers jumped over the line to block it, after that game they made a penalty so you couldn’t jump over players to block it. 
Michigan just came off a bye week (week where they don’t have a game), and they’re about to face their in state rival Michigan State, and there is a lot of emotion in this game.

In the Michigan vs Michigan State game there is a lot of emotion and pride on the field, from hitting cheap shots to getting into brawls that’s a rivalry. On the field the emotions that are expressed are anxious, nervous, excited, pumped, but where I see most of the emotion is the fans vibe, and people watching it on a TV. I have watched this rivalry for as long as I can remember and this game has always been intense, one of the teams might be having a tough year but most of these games go to the wire. Everytime I watch this game i’m at the edge of my seat chanting the team I love, and getting mad at some of the stupid stuff they do.

Moving on.

Another rivalry that gets my blood boiling and gets me pumped up is the Notre Dame rivalry, this one is always intense. With Michigan vs Notre Dame, both of them always have good teams when they face each other and it's just an all out battle. The last time Michigan battled Notre Dame was in 2014 Michigan got beat up pretty bad, but that was not a good season for Michigan,they lost some pretty easy game in the Big House, and at the end of that season their head coach got fired. The next time we face the Fighting Irish is in 2018. The first time Michigan played under the lights at home was against Notre Dame in 2011, and that game was a thriller to the end. It was the last 1:41 of the fourth quarter, the score was 24-21 Notre Dame was up, Notre Dame has led the whole game but Michigan made a comeback with 21 unanswered, so Michigan went up 28-24 at this point I was at the edge of my chair yelling getting excited, but Notre Dame scored with only 30 seconds left to go up 31-28. But Michigan wasn’t giving up without a fight, with two timeouts left, Michigan bombed one to mid field and was caught and went out of bounds at about the 30. Michigan only has 8 seconds left with one timeout. They decide to throw one in the endzone, and as soon as it went through the air everything around me went silent and it felt like slow motion. With two seconds left Michigan scored with a miracle comeback to win 35-31.

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