The Darkest Color of Red

October 18, 2017
By armine_promise BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
armine_promise BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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The darkest color of red

My days in the past concerning my health was not always a good thing, and hey still aren't now. I’ve had my up and downs trying to keep my body healthy or at least make sure i'm not dying. I've been going to the hospital a lot in my life and this is not the first time, but then again it isn't the last. But hey i'm not perfect or am I all that knowing when it comes to my body yet. Here's how I once woke up bleeding when i was nine years old.

It all started one night, when I was 9 years old sleeping in my moms bed. Normally I would leep in my own bed, but tonight I felt as though i would be more comfortable in my moms bed. Plus her bed as super big so I knew there was space for the both of us. It was a school night and as always I was procrastinating to go to bed. I hated school so if I was able to stay up late enough and call in sick the next day, this would be sure to help me fake sick. Once I finally after hours of staring at nothing and thinking about a good cup of apple juice, I fell asleep. Not even 15 minutes into me sleeping, I was suddenly awoken by an extreme pain in my left ear. My ear was swollen up a little and I could barely hear the tv that was playing lightly in the background. I wallowed in a loud cry, know that it was happening again. My ear got another infection, and this time it was worse. I called and screamed for my mom for help to see if she can ease the pain that I was feeling. She was in the livingroom still  on the phone with a friend.

Once my mom came to me, hearing the sudden yelling she comes into the room seeing me hold my ear, she asked what was wrong. I told her that my ears were hurting and that i just wanted the pain  to stop. She checked my ear only to see blood dripping from my ear. She gasped asking if I had done anything to my ear because she already my problems with my ears. I said no and tat i was only sleeping when the pain came. She cleaned off my ear while she called the ambulance. She  quickly dressed me in my purple rain coat and did my hair so if any blood were to run again it wouldn’t get in my hair. She  told me to go wait in the living room till the ambulance to arrive and while she gets dressed. Once they came, my mom and I started on our way to the hospital. On our way to the hospital, my mom was holding my hand tightly crying because she thought I was going to die, even though it was from a ear bleed. Me on the other was fine and had calmed down since the pain was almost gone. I was still nervous but I was more scared of doctors than the bleed in my ear at the time, because I use to go there all the time for other illnesses, plus I hated shoots which is something they did for fun in my opinion. My mom was asking them question after question looking as if she was a crazy person to me and the drivers. Once we got to the hospital i was put in a room with all white wall and a lot of medical equipment all over the wall. It was cold, even with the coat on I felt as though I would freeze, plus the room gave off a bad feeling to me, making me like I was sicker than I was.

The nurse was the first one to come in, because she had to ask me a round of questions before the doctor came. She put a plastic thing on my thumb to measure my heart rate. A blood pressure bag on my arm, with in my opinion was the worst because, she did it to tight and I was sure that my arm would fall off before she was finished. Once she was done with that she checked my temperature and asked my mom about my past record in health. The doctor “soon” came in with a face staler than an old cracker in the of your cabinet. He goes straight to  the computer and a few papers that the nurse wrote, checking to see what the nurse said, to see what was wrong with me. He looked as though he went through a day with a bunch of yelling babies and rude mothers. He was asked my mom a few more question putting her answer in the computer and vice versa. While cleaning out my ear, he made boring jokes trying to distract me from the situation at hand. I ignored him not speaking or laughing at what he said, just staring at him as if he is crazy. The nurse had a more dulling face than he doctor, she just gazed at the wall with a longing look as if she just wanted to go home, I couldn't even say anything because I wanted to do the same. When the doctor was finished up with cleaning and checking my ears he prescribed me a weird medicine, in a small dark brown bottle. Im sure that i'm going to be forced to take grotesque thing because I hated medicine, I would be crying before I even see it with in eye point of view.  On our way home, my mom was still pretty shooken up because something was wrong with me again. By the end of the night, we were both tired and wanted to go to bed, so we did as soon as we got home.

It was an awkward, weird, and uncomfortable time for me that i’d never want to go through again. I’m still glad I went instead of staying home thinking that it was nothing, or else i probably be in a more petrifying situation now. I had to make sure to take care of my ears better, which i did afterwards. Even though my ears are not the best pair of ears, they're better than what they were before.

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