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October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

As some people may see their parents as normal, as in a normal family that is happy. But not mine, I have a big diffusion with my parents and the day that it all happened, yet changed it all. When I was a boy, I was smart enough to know that my mom and dad would separate. The feeling of having your parents not together or with you anymore as they were before, is off the radius. Screams or shouts saying “I hate you” or “I want a divorce”.
A common connection saying you're not happy with the one that you said you “loved”. I've always been close with my mom, I have had this connection with her ever since I knew what was right and wrong. But as if my dad had some flaws that showed as well as my mom did, making them not a happy family, acting like they don't even know each other anymore and a fraud between them both.

My feelings are mixed on the whole idea. When new people come into my life that I don't even know or just suddenly bringing a big change into my life because of how they wanted to forget the past, as if none of this never happened before. Thoughts of me staying in my room because the complications of me being socially awkward with my parents who suddenly turn into people that I don't even know anymore. Yet, it hurts me to know that it's not how it used to be, told that “sorry noah, you have to get used to this”, the words that slither down my back, my gut and all over my body, hurts.

Intentionally, I knew my parents needed to be divorced and be happy once again but the effect on me, it's irrationally wrecking. If you are thinking, “I wonder if he thinks about them being together again”. The answer is, simply, yes. I do think about it and I go into deep thinking to when they would argue, fight and do things that you shouldn't do if you loved someone and was married. I also think about being normal again, I feel outcasted because my friends talk about their parents being together yet mine are not together.

I hope, I hope that one day it'll all change and go back to normal where I don't have to stress about coming downstairs to have a good time with my mom or dad and just be me again and most importantly, I wish them the best of happiness.

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