Christmas Punishment

October 9, 2017
By SydneyLynn BRONZE, Stratham , New Hampshire
SydneyLynn BRONZE, Stratham , New Hampshire
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We got a lot of candy from Holoween. We didn;t think anythign bad would come out of the chewy and delicious goodness of it all, but surly enough, we ere wrong and got trouble a few days before Christmas when we thought we were in the clear.

Chapter 1: Christmas Punishment

What had we gotten ourselves into? Why do we do this type of thing? What makes us think this is a good idea? We were in so much trouble. We've heard Mom and Dad mad but never like this. My sister and I knew as soon as we heard my parent yell what they had uncovered.
It was a cool snowy day, sun was out reflecting of the fresh white snow, it couldn't have been better. I only remember this because it was one of the moment as a kid that you will never forget because it will haunt you for the rest of you life. You will feel it in the pit of your stomach every time you go to do something you know is wrong, but still do it anyways. We looked at each other deep in the eyes almost as if we were advertising on a billboard what we were thinking. That's how obvious it was. I screamed on the inside like I never knew was possible. I felt my face turn bright red. I felt the radiation of heat I was creating from the nervousness balled up inside of me. I felt sweat dripping down the side of my face. I could tell my sister Sammi felt the same way. For what seemed like minutes, I felt paralyzed, confused why we haven't tried to run out of sight yet but I couldn't get my legs to start moving. One foot in front of the other seems so simple every other second of the day, but at that moment it wasn’t. The overwhelming fear of my parents anger frightened me too much to move.
It was just Halloween and my neighborhood connects to multiple other neighborhoods enabling us to hit many houses in a short amount of time. So we got a lot of candy. My sisters and I poured all of the candy we had into 5 big bowls separated by candy types and color because that's what kids do. My parents hid them in the dining room high above the table to where they thought we couldn’t reach. Mom, Dad? You underestimated us. I'm surprised you didn’t catch us sooner.
Now listen, what we did wasn’t bad. It wouldn't be bad now because we would be smarter about the way we did it. You all know when you're younger you must ask for permission from your parents to get a snack. That might not have been the case for you, but it sure was in our house. However, when you're older, you can just get a snack whenever you want and your parents will be fine with it. Over 800 pieces of candy in those bowls to where they thought was hidden. 800 pieces of candy we had eaten. 800 pieces of candy we ate that you didn’t know about. 800 pieces of candy that you claimed we’d never get to. Well Mom and Dad, you were wrong.
We were small but smart minded when it came to this type of thing. Either Sammi or I would go and distract my parents by a question or anyway possible, while the other silently stepped up on a chair grabbing as much as our little hands could hold of candy from different bowls at a time. It worked. And it worked every time. As soon as the candy was grabbed, we would run into the living room and go behind the off white couch we had into the living room, go behind the back completely covering us from the outside. We would eat all the candy that was stuffed in our hands. Reeses, Snickers, Kit-Kats, Twix, you name it, any kind you could think of. We enjoyed every bite and regretted none of it. After we ate the candy, we would put the wrappers underneath the couch we were hidden behind and leave the wrappers, not picking them up. Anyone with a brain would realize that hiding all the wrappers underneath the couch was a terrible idea. But we thought differently.
Christmas time had come and the candy was basically gone with the exception of a few pieces we didn't like and that my dad hadn’t gotten to yet. We never thought of having to clean up the wrappers underneath the couch until it was too late. We thought we were set and would never get caught. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.
We were decorating inside the house for Christmas putting up lights, pictures, stockings, taking out candles and anything else we had. The house smelt like Christmas with the evergreen candle caught with a flame in the kitchen. The house was the Christmas kind of cozy that everyone feels this type of year. Cozy with the fireplace on high with my dog laying in front of it falling asleep, warming his body up from from the cold and frozen snow outside. Blankets left and right, TV playing Christmas music. It felt like nothing could go wrong. The perfect day. That sure ended quick enough.
We would always put the Christmas tree in the back left corner of the living room. The only way to do that was to move the furniture around  the so the corner would be open enough for the dark green tree to fit.  My parents commenced on moving a couch out of the way, luckily the couch we used was still covering up our secret. My parents picked the couch up with my mom on one side and my dad on the other lifting with the strength they had left after moving the other piece of furniture prior to this one. Sammi and I knew immediately what we had suppressed. We looked up at each other trying to stay relaxed understanding the fear that was running through both of us. Trying to stay low-key, we both reached the dining room where the whole thing had started. My mouth was dry and my throat felt like i’ve been screaming for hours without ending. My head was spinning thinking of the possibilities of punishments I would be facing and how long they would last for and how atrocious they would be.
It went silent.
Gasps filled the air coming from the lungs of my parents.
We looked at each other deep in the eyes, frighted, not fully knowing what was about to happen to us. It was then when they uncovered the hundreds and hundreds of wrappers of candy underneath the couch.

The author's comments:

I am 15 years old and my sister in thispeice is my twin. My name is Sydeny and her name is Sammi. We do a lot of things that we should get into trouble for like this but we don't usually get caught, but this time we did and here is the story behind it. 

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