Worst Day Ever

October 12, 2017
By Anonymous

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “OPEN THE DOOR!”  One morning my biggest fear came true; cops at the door.  My mom opens the door; four cops come bursting in to search the house. I act like im asleep so they do not question me.  I was fearful of what was going to happen but I was just happy my little sister was still asleep and hadn't been woken by all the commotion.  The cops come back and question my mother and although I could not quite hear what they were saying, I knew it was serious.  My piercingly loud alarm goes off and  I must go to school.  I get up from the safety of my bed and get ready.  I regrettably leave my room and gaze at the sight of four cops, each with there own gun, around the living room with my mother in the middle.  I feel a tear rush down my face with multiple racing after it.  I leave my room and dart to give my mother, who is also crying, a hug.  Emotions were running rapidly through me: fear, panic, love, anger, all stirred within me.  I remorsefully say “I must go to school.” I leave the house dreading every step I take forward.  It felt as if I lost all sense of direction, as if someone had thrown a dark blanket over my nice sunny life, as if my world was shattering into pieces, as if I was going to lose my mother.  That day at school I could not get my mind off it.  Was this it?  Was this this the end?  I held all my emotions in and did not talk much for all of the school day.  My friends had noticed but if they confronted me about it I would not tell them.  I simply did not want them to feel bad for me nor did I want to go back to that horrid scene.  When the final bell rang, I bolted to the exit and got on my bus. I pray and pray that everything turns out well when I get home.  I arrive home hopeful everything will be fine.  I open my door and I see my mom in her room; my face lights up with joy and I scurry over to her and give her the biggest hug ever.  I love my family and I never want to lose them.

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