Sidewalk Ridin’

October 12, 2017
By Anonymous

I was excited to speed freely down the street and feel the wind in my face. Sitting eagerly on my little yellow truck riding toy, which was my signature vehicle, I could see the neighborhood hill in front of me. My X-tra cheddar goldfish were packed in the truck’s underseat compartment, just in case I needed a snack afterwards. I was the first to go down the hill. Going first was considered to be an honor, but little did I know, going first would not end up being an honor today. Perched on the toy and very excited to go, I left my driveway and turned onto the sidewalk. As I began to go down the sidewalk, my speed started to increase. Seconds later, my neighbor followed me on his bike. I felt so alive. Rushing down the hill was a way for me to clear my seven-year-old mind. Halfway down, when my speed was at its greatest, I heard my brother screech, “STOPPP!” I quickly turned the handles and drifted to the side to a halt. As I turned to see what the loud “stopp!” was about, I saw my neighbor continuing to barrel down the sidewalk on his bike. I did not know what to do. I had seconds to decide. I turned back towards the sidewalk and started pushing off the ground to regain the momentum I once had. Looking back every other second to check my neighbor’s progress did not help. He was quickly catching up to me, coming towards me, closer each second. I braced for the impact between my beloved riding toy and his bike. He knew it was too late to stop. I thought I was in the clear, that I had enough speed to be in the safe zone, but as I turned, we collided. Hard. Forcefully. I flew through the air and down the sidewalk, and my goldfish followed me, swimming through the air. My riding toy went skidding down the street on its side, gathering many scrapes and scratches on its way. My neighbor escaped with no injuries, but not me. I could not move. I was covered with bruises. The pain was excruciating. My mom came running down the hill to assess the damage. She helped me up and cleaned up all of the goldfish crackers that had been scattered in the accident as well. I limped slowly up the hill to my house. Finally reaching the top of the hill , I gave a demonic stare to my brother and angrily asked him, “Why did YOU tell ME to STOP?!?!” He claimed that he never said it.  My ears tricked me.

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