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October 10, 2017
By davemildjbd BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
davemildjbd BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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No one relates, people are there but just dont understand theres only one escape only one way to heal the pain.  With the control to alter your mood to change weather you drowned out the outside world to block everything that's going wrong that stresses you out. Simply constructed wire with two pieces of plastic controlling your happiness or you sadness. When you put the paper with plastic into your ear a surges of waves rush through your ears creating chills throughout your whole body. How machinery can do so much and yet could be an escape from the real problems in life a way out.

Ears vibrating plastic bumps up and down. Lyrical genius Logic speakers in your head like he wrote the song for you like you and him have the same problems. You think to yourself is he the only one that understand.

I just want an escape a way out this helps. This is a way to drowned the pain the loneliness. Sometime all you need is a way out that what this is simple but efficient

A young talk kid walk through the hall. Hanging over everyone like a skyscraper. Sticking to himself drowning the pain from the outside world trying to forget the pain. But in end he will always walk alone.

Walking tall in a crowded place. No window lights flickering. Feeling empty in such a busy crowded place people collide. How could someone be so lonely and feel so alone in such a busy place.

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