Keys I Carry

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

One thing I always carry with me are my black and silver car keys.My old car key goes to my old dirty baby blue BMW that's on it's last leg . I love my keys because I can drive wherever I want whenever I want. My cold clanky keys allow me to have independence and freedom and lots of fun.There are an endless list of things you can do with keys and a car.  I’m probably most often in my car i go on little trips to Lansing or off road trails and fly around corners and tear apart my car and cover it in dirt and mud. My car is one of a kind just by the burnt wire smell of my car catching on fire attempting to wire lights in my car.


I go on many long and stressful journeys in my car all the time . Driving to Lansing and seeing all of the big hills and bright green trees and feeling the wind flow through my hair.My keys are my freedom from everything and if it's North Michigan or South Ohio i always have fun. No matter how stressful it gets to the point where I want to pull my hair out I always make it to my destination. The hundreds of miles of road and different directions i must go it's always worth it.     

I drive my car very fast through nasty , muddy, dirts roads and kick up a storm of dirt behind me. The swaying winds of corn fields moving back and forth but look like they are a blur from the speed i go past. The blinding light from the sun making it nearly impossible to see at times. My car sounds like a lion as the pedal is smashed to the floor and the tires spin like a helicopter's blades in mid flight. I try too drive as fast as I possibly can sliding around turns like its a racetrack.  

About once a week I take my amazing dog for a ride in my car. Her name is Shelby and she is a jet black and snow white Boston terrier. My dog loves to hang far out of the passenger window with her long tongue out far drooling all along the side of my car barking at literally everything we pass. Without my keys and going through all the work and time to keep my keys I wouldn't be able to have these good times and memories with my one of a kind dog.My keys may just be a small piece of cheap metal but to me it means much more.My keys never leave my side and I always carry them no matter what.

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