A Simple Lanyard

October 10, 2017
By DriedUpCookie BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
DriedUpCookie BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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The long, black lanyard, which illuminates big, white print saying the name of my high school, jingles for joy when I disturb it from its resting place on the counter. I swiftly head outside, while grasping the lanyard in my right hand, towards a 1999, tan, Chrysler LHS. By pressing the unlock button, the car chirps loudly at my arrival, all the while knowing it will depart on a journey similar to the day before. I look into the empty black mass of my lanyard, knowing the possibilities are endless. I envision myself driving around my whole town, which would only take a week or so.

While sitting in the driver seat, I boldly insert the key and turn it 3 clicks clockwise, holding it in the starting position. The leather instantly conforms around the body. I continue to imagine the endless possibilities of my newly acquired freedom. I see myself venturing outside my comfort zone, perhaps into another town, city, or state. By doing this, however, I may go too far, and as a result, be lectured by my parents.

In a matter of seconds, twelve volts of DC current are sent to the electric starting motor, which turns the flywheel, allowing the pistons to move up and down, starting the combustion process. The car ignites quickly, as the starter is not very worn from use. When the radio comes to life, an ingenious, infinity surround sound system with a 320 watt amplifier makes the user feel as though they are in a movie theater. With the radio blaring, I envision myself having lots of fun with friends. I drive to football games, friends houses, and other places of amusement with them. Most of all, I see my brother beside me in the passenger seat, who will have used that seat more than any other person in the world. The amount of places I must take my brother to will become infuriating, especially if I am busy at the time. However, I will comply to my parents because I love my brother.

As I sit in the driveway, I insert the lightning cable into the charging port of my iPhone 7, which will allow my to play music. I scroll through Spotify, determined to find a song that will connect with me for the day. After finding a suitable song, I adjust the volume on my aftermarket stereo so that I can enjoy the deep thumping of my 6x9 speakers in the back. Following the preparation for my journey, I wake up from my daydream, and start what I have envisioned for 16 years. With the car running, and my smile reading enjoyment, I pull out of the driveway, heading towards my destination.

A simple lanyard can go a long way, even if it is a simple item that you can buy at the dollar store. This lanyard symbolizes freedom and happiness that follows after acquiring one for it’s proper use; this will be used to hold the keys for unlocking that freedom and happiness that everyone desires. However, this freedom and happiness can be taken away as easily as it can be granted. By breaking the law or disobeying parents’ rules, these privileges can become as non-existent as aliens. Therefore, we must respect and treasure the simple things in life and not to take them for granted, exactly like a simple lanyard.

The author's comments:

The inspiration of this piece came from the freedom granted through the simple lanyard a person has. With this lanyard, copious amounts of freedom and responsibility are bestowed upon the recipient. This recipient will either follow or break the rules. What people need to realize is that, while having the freedom to go wherever they want, responsibility is still a key factor. 

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