La Belle et la Bête

October 10, 2017
By VanessaAmber BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
VanessaAmber BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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Dear Sister,

Disney has always been a part of our life, in full-length films and in short cartoons, and Beauty and the Beast has never been any different. Weeks of hardship with school work and responsibility fly by without an end in sight, until a light appears. On our television, an advertisement for a magical movie appears, a live action Beauty and the Beast. This momentous occasion occurs on our army green couch in the living room of our home, where we lounge about in pajamas and take time during the weekend to relax for once. This commercial lasts for only a minute, but to us it seems longer and more important. After the display is gone, opinions and thoughts are thrown about repeatedly as we speak our feelings around how this idea could be executed properly. As the days pass, our interest grows and our thoughts are repeatedly drawn back to the minute-long distraction that the advertisement for this movie provided. Disney, a strong connection to our childhood and our fond memories, will always be able to take us back to our inner child as we embrace the magic for however long we feel.

Due to chaotic lives, conflicting schedules, and a lack of communication, our trip to see this particular movie is one of spontaneity and impulse. The prospect of what the rest of the evening holds puts us in high spirits as we sing off-tune to alternative rock. As we travel to Monroe, our anticipation of what is to come makes the journey seem lengthened, despite the journeys we have made before. We round the corner and our destination comes into sight, an easily recognizable structure that has our excitement reaching new levels. Together, you and I exit the black Expedition, and advance towards the architecture, undeterred by how early we arrived. Considering it is fairly late, it doesn’t take us long to buy our tickets and popcorn. Due to our premature arrival, we stand around a round table in the lobby for almost thirty minutes and we have a conversation about random things like books we’ve read and school work we’ve done. Sitting in wait, it feels like an eternity before we gain access to the theater. After talking about doing this together for quite a long time, it’s finally happening.

Entering the theater, we choose seats directly in the middle of the entire room, and we take our seats in the red leather recliners. Placing our food in an accessible place, we make idle chat and listen to the quiet chatter around us. Watching the movie and television advertisements filter by, you and I discuss about some of the more interesting ones. After a while of this, the lights descend into darkness gradually, and the talking quiets down. Together, we sit in silence as the opening credits roll by, and the movie finally starts. The room is dark, the screen bright as it demands the attention of every individual there. The smell of popcorn fills my nose, the blasting of the surround sound speakers speak in volumes, and I could not be happier. As the Disney movie plays, we sing along to the increasingly catchy tunes; we’re probably horribly off-tune, but that doesn’t stop us. Something long awaited is finally occurring, and it’s even better in the moment than I could have ever hoped. I can tell from the look on your face that you are cherishing our time together as much as I am.

After experiencing all of the emotion normally associated with a Disney movie, all we are left with is happiness. You and I hum along to the end credits as we stroll towards the exit with the rest of the movie-watchers. There is an unspoken agreement then, neither of us want it to end. We climb into the expedition, still conversing about the last two hours of our lives and the ups and downs of the movie, and you realize we need gas to make it home. Sitting at the gas station, we call mom and she convinces us to stay out a little while longer to enjoy our time together for as long as possible. With this conversation, we decide on getting dinner despite the late hour and school the next day. Sitting in the parking lot, listening to music and eating tacos, we discuss important upcoming events and things that worry us. While we sit there in such an unlikely place, I realize that you and I aren’t all that different after all. 


Back on the road and tired due to a rare fun-filled evening, we head home with the full intention of going to sleep. The ride home doesn’t seem as long, nor is it as enthusiastic, knowing our day is coming to a close. The music is quiet, and the night sky is clear, providing the feeling of calmness and serenity. I study you as you drive, I see that your shoulders are less tense, and that you’re content in the quiet. Everything about you seems brighter, like you’re ready to take on anything once more. Both of us feel more at ease and less stressed than we have in months, and it’s a wonderful feeling. We promise each other that we need to do this again soon because despite our differences, the relaxing feeling of us spending time together is one like no other. We pull into the driveway, and you turn the car off. You and I sit together in the last few moments as our perfect evening comes to a close. I thank you for taking me and making memories with me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. As we exit the vehicle, and we enter the house, we close the door on a perfect evening.


Growing up, Disney has always been a present factor of our lives. We may fight some days, but there are always memories of us spending time together that bring us closer once more. These moments in time will forever be remembered, as well as the ones that have yet to be made. Throughout our entire lives, I know that we will continue to grow as sisters and as people, but the connection we have forged remains for life. This time we spent together is added to the many amazing memories we have shared between us, the good and the bad, as I know that we will always be making more. This particular memory may seem insignificant, but it holds a special place in my heart due to how much it means to me. We may not always be close together, but our relationship will always remain as strong as steel. I want to thank you for putting up with all of my quirks, there certainly are plenty, and entertaining my love for Disney despite your lack of the same appreciation. I could not ask for a better sister, nor would I trade our time well-spent. 


Love, Me. 

The author's comments:

My sister and I are incredibly important to each other, and this particular memory stands out to me when I think about her. 

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