What Sleeps Beside Me

October 10, 2017
By MaddiM BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
MaddiM BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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A symbol of purity and innocence. Tokened upon a wide eyed baby with eyes the color of the vast ocean.  Meaningless to the naked eye, but meant so much to a little girl and the little girl that still thrives inside. Through the traumatizing booms of thunder storms and every broken heart, the protector wrapped his arms around me and for the moment, everything was alright. His warm embrace brings comfort in any situation. A heavily aged teddy bear to some; a friend to me.


Sitting at the edge of the bed limped and hunched over is a common chocolate brown teddy bear, with matted fur, black beaded eyes, and a fading smile. Staring at the bear, you see his eyes glisten over as they catch the sun’s setting rays peeking in through the window. Remembrance of once golden brown fur, silky to the touch, now tangled and aged. The must of fresh linen radiates off the bear and lingers around the room. He smelled just like when I received him.


The sea of blankets and pillows swallows the innocent sailor. Finding refrigde on a pillow he rests, awaiting the moment for a safe embrace to arrive. Illuminating pink walls almost light up the room. Princess stickers line the wall, creating a scene from a little girl’s dream. Where the wall meets the bed, like the ocean meets the beach, stuffed animals are standing like soldiers. The teddy bear sits, strayed away from the rest, like the general of the army. The creaking of the door as it swings open and a muffled thud as a backpack was whipped to the ground. Light patter turns into an earthquake created by two tiny feet as I race to my room. A single lunge forward leads to me flopping upon my bed. There awaiting my arrival was my bear who I scooped into my arms.


Bestowed upon me by my loving grandma. A giant grizzly bear compared to the small infant. At first her pupils dilated in fear, but after an every so comforting hug, her eyes lit up like saucers. Her glimmering baby blue eyes widen and become a pool, which the image of the bear dived into. Her grubby hands grasped the bears and an instant connection was formed. Carried with me everywhere I went for years. Through everything, the teddy bear has been drug along right beside me.


A smile as warm as freshly baked cookies and eyes that are soft and welcoming. Skin and hair aged by the years, wrinkled and gray. A voice so sweet, with love in every word she speaks. That to me is a grandma, my grandma. Love flowed through her like a river and spewed out in every hug she gave. Gifts were always showered upon me, but one stands out the most. A simple teddy bear; j. Just like the bear her warm embrace was always there for me.


This bear is, like many others, but yet so important to me. It always reminds me of my grandma’s everlasting love. Although she may no longer be with me, she lives on through the little pieces of love she sprinkled in my life. When I miss her, I hug the bear awaiting the day I can hug her again. A common chocolate brown teddy bear to many, but a piece of my grandma to me.

The author's comments:

Life lives on through love, not even death can take that feeling away from you.

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