Me and My Grandpa's Adventures

October 10, 2017
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It was the summer of 2008 the year my grandpa died. Before he died he gave me some things like his 22 rifle. It was polished and and clean it was metal and had a wooden stock. He gave me it so I could hunt and he knew i loved nature and hunting. We always went out in the woods so we could observe nature.

A thing I carry is a picture of my grandpa and I. In that picture it was during december and we always loved playing in the snow. In the picture me and him rolled a snowball and  it was about 7-8 feet tall and about 6-7 feet wide. That was best day of my life with him. Some other things we did in the snow was build igloos and i have a picture of that.

The woods at my grandpas had trails that lead deep inside the forest. There were blackberry bushes and grape vines that hung on trees. We saw deer back there and different types of birds and we would mark which ones we see. We would go out there and look for caves and try to find rivers. We had a lot of land to go around and search and explore.

Another thing we did was lunch this toy rocket in fields at my grandpas during summer. we would run through the corn and try to get lost. Then we would retrace our footsteps and eventually get out and we would walk the trails. We would go explore this big broken down tree house.


My grandpa was very wise and he knew everything. He knew all about nature and plants. I could look at something wild like mushrooms and he would know if it was good or not. When i saw animal could ask him and he would tell the type of animal that was. He knew his way around any forest because he was a survivalist he didn't need a compass because he had one in his head.


Another thing we did was we always went to georgia. We had a boat down there so we would go on the pontoon. I remember we took our campers down there and we would camp there for a couple days. We would go different islands and party.

In conclusion I had a great life with my grandpa. Unfortunately he died in 2008 and I miss him a lot. If i could relive that i would instantly in a heartbeat. I have a lot of memories with him and i wish he was alive still. I Hope you liked my story about me and my grandpa and our adventures.

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