A Best Friend

October 10, 2017
By Abigailar24 BRONZE, Petersburg, Michigan
Abigailar24 BRONZE, Petersburg, Michigan
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You slide the gift you got me across the shiny, wooden table, just by looking at your huge smile and deep blue eyes I can tell that you have been waiting all night for this moment.  I start to get nervous wondering what could be inside the bag.  A million things race through my head.  I pull out a little white box, with little gold engraved letters on it and I can already tell what is inside.  My head starts filling up with all the good and bad memories we have shared since you were born.  The fights, the laughs, and the tears.  Once I gently lift the little lid off, tears start gathering in the corner of my eyes.  Just by looking at you in that moment I realized you were proud and grateful to have me as a friend and a sister.  Seconds later, I realized that I was blessed with a best friend for life.

Our dining room is dark early on a summer night.  Filled with all the familiar faces of my family members,  In the distance, I can see the birthday candle lights flickering as mom walks carefully towards me.  As I look around I see colorful bags,  shiny bows and my name written on millions of cards.  I take a deep breath in and blow out all 16 candles and wish for, well I can't tell you that.  Now it’s time for the fun part opening all the presents.  One by one I read the long paragraphs on the cards, rip off the bows and tear out the tissue paper throwing it in every direction.  Of course, I am thankful for all of my gifts but I definitely saved the best for last. 

As I gaze into the little box the gold Alex and Ani bracelets lay there untouched.  Next, I lift both of them out of the box and examine them carefully.  The cold metal lays in the palm of my hands, as I read what each says.  Both of the bracelets are half of a heartbroken right down the middle, one reads Best and the other Friends.  Each half of the heart fits perfectly as one, this shows the symbol and the true meaning of our friendship.  I look up at you and I have the biggest smile on my face as my body is filled with joy and love.  As I am looking at you, I notice that we are acting the exact same way.   People say you are just like me, and of course, we both immediately disagree.  You shake your head with your short brown hair and dazzling blue eyes, suddenly you  open your mouth and the words,¨We are nothing alike¨ roll off your tongue.  Our features are especially different, you are tall and slender with legs as long as Shaquille O'Neal´s.  On the other hand, our personalities are identical, with the same sense of humor to the same thought processes, bringing us together as best friends.

It was one of those bad days when nothing ever goes your way.  When you feel like nobody is on your side and you can't ever please anyone.  On days like that one thing can change my mood completely.  I am pale and hot sitting in a blue plastic chair gazing off into the distance, looking at the white brick walls, which are filled with posters of ¨inspirational quotes¨, that surround me.  As I am waiting for the time pass by, I look down at my tiny wrist and there hangs my bracelet.  My fingers gently make contact with the small gold broken heart.  My eyes focus in on the word ¨Best¨ and in that exact moment, my mood does a 360.  Even when I think nobody is on my side and things aren't going my way, I always know, I have you. Not just a sister but a best friend.

Even though we fight almost every morning about something silly or scream at each other every night before bed we are still best friends.  This might sound cheesy, but I wouldn't trade you for any other sister in the world.  We have been through thick and thin together, with many more bad and good times to come.  We have a lifetime of memories left, to share now and forever.

Finally, I just want to thank for being my best friend through everything.  In the big picture, the thing I carry with me is you. 

The author's comments:

I have been blessed with a bestfriend for life.  She is my other half. 

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