My Favorite Place

October 4, 2017
By Anonymous

I woke up with the feeling of warmth and happiness. The smell of breakfast casserole wafting throughout the entire house, almost as if I were at home. From the kitchen you can hear the creaking of the old utility door. I can hear the banging of the garage roof. The wind shakes the house, or maybe it’s just the train that passes a few feet away.

Next to my Grandpa Clint’s shop is her large and beautiful garden. I could see all the beautiful bright colors, the reds of the peppers peeking through the patch of the zucchini. The multi colored pumpkins of all sizes with their empty faces just waiting to have character. I can feel my relationship with my Grandma growing stronger just being in the garden.

Immediately when I walk in the house, the first thing that happens is Lucy and Chloe wanting attention. They wag their tails and give me those sweet puppy eyes.Lucy says “Hi I haven’t seen you in so long! Let me love you! Let me give you kisses and smother you!” Of course you have to love them both. They are just so cute that you can’t say no to such adorable long faces like theirs.

My granparent's house is my home away from home. The love and memories at their house I will cherish forever.

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