October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Her mom would receive sleeping medication every month, but she took them all in three days. Each dose ripping her family to shreds, only to be forgotten the next day. Every last bit of her sanity was tore apart and left on the shaking foundation that the Kelly’s home balanced on.  But even knowing this God could have never prepared me for this day. This moment would forever replay in my head as if it was a broken record, never to be forgotten.

The basketball beat against the sun cooked road. April and I pushed the ball into the lopsided hoop. After a while in the blistering sun, we went in to April’s home for a glass of water and air conditioning. I opened the twisted and beaten door and walked only five paces to find April’s mom motionless on the ground. I shouted out to my oblivious friend. She darted my way, then she looked at her mother. She had dark brown hair that twisted around her face and her snow white hands were covered in pie. She laid on the floor with a pie tray inches away from hands faced down on ground. April bet down and picked up the pie and said,

“ I spent all day making that for my dad, and he never even got to see it.” I cleaned off her fingers with a wet paper towel and then looked up at April.
“ What now?” I asked. She stood back up and looked at me. Then she said,
“We need to get her on the couch”. I knelt down and started to shake April's mom, but she wouldn’t wake up.

Then April tried, she shook her back and forth yelling her name and she finally woke up.  We spent twenty minutes trying to move her to the coach, nothing seemed to be easy during this time.

After we finished we went back outside and played a game of horse over and over again in silence. Then the door creaked open and April’s mom appeared at the door. She slowly hobbled down the driveway, then feel to her knees. She looked up and shouted at April and I,

“ Why did you make the ground drop me?” She yelled. Her face growing red and stiff April  yelled back, “Mom go back inside you aren't going anywhere!”
“Don’t tell me what to do, I need to go to the drugstore and get more cigarettes.” April looked at me and said,
“ I am gonna go wake up my dad, please stall her.” I ran up to the wobbling woman walking and started to ask her questions to slow her down.. “How was your day?”
“ Awful.” She replied.

“Tell me about it!” I said with good intentions but that is when it happened. She stops in her tracks and stared at me dead in the eye and said “ The laundry is my day’s hard.” Confused at her mixed words I said, “I am so sorry, how about we go back home and I can help you with the laundry.” But she ignored my suggestion and kept walking. We were about one block away from the house by now so I ran back to see if April’s dad was coming. “Is he coming?” I asked. “No.” She said in a cold voice. Then she started to cry. She feel on the ground where her mother had fallen and sat there weeping. “April?” I said. Then she whispered, “ If someone sees her out there like that...she will go back to jail. And if no one sees her she could fall into the road and get hit by a car! I may hate my mother but I still would miss her.” I took her hands and said “let’s pray.” But she took her hands out of mine and told me that it wouldn’t work no matter how hard she tried, but I told her that there was no harm in trying. She finally gave in and said, “Fine, but if nothing happens, I will never do this again.” She slowly closed her eyes and I prayed out loud with a shattered voice. I prayed over April and her day and then my mind went blank. I started to realize that if nothing happened it would be my fault that she didn’t believe in God anymore.

I said amen then looked up. At that moment a car skid against the pavement. A man walked up and asked us if we were sisters. For sake of time we said yes and asked why he asked. He said that he found a lady on the sidewalk hurt so he picked her up and took her to the store and back. I glanced at April and ran to take her mother inside. Then, I came out and April’s dad was talking to the man. Everyone was safe and no one was going anywhere especially the God I prayed to. That night I spent the night at her house. We wrote our first Christian song. You know, it only takes one moment to make something timeless.

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