The Day I Looked at Life Differently

October 3, 2017
By Lisa.Fahim BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
Lisa.Fahim BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
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“Heartbeat I’m sorry I have some  bad news for you.” “Flatline. All of these things are sad to hear or be in this situation. I pray and hope no one this happens to us to anyone close to me. In the sixth grade, one of my teachers told our class to shadow your dream job, and my dream job was to become a surgeon doctor. So, my dad had contacted my doctor and she said: “sure she can come and shadow me for a day.”

Finally, it was that day I was excused from school and everything. I was finally there I was so scared my heart was pounding I thought  “what if I get in her way?” “What if what if?” All of these questions were going through my head. When I finally entered my room I was so nervous. When I get nervous my face gets red, my heart pounds. She came and she welcomed me she said: “Lisa, I remember when you were this tall.” I started to laugh. After that, I wasn’t as nervous anymore as I was before, before, we saw any patients we would always wash our hands before we entered the room. When we entered the room and this woman was so sweet and nice, but sadly she had to do a scan for something. The doctor couldn’t tell me why because it’s would be against the law. The patient was talking to me while the doctor went to do something. The women told me in life remember to enjoy while it last, focus on school and don’t do what I did when I was your age, and don’t think life for granted because the women only had a few years to live. She was trying not to cry I felt so bad so I tried so hard not to cry. She would hide her emotions. She told me that she had stage four lung cancer. After this patient, I went back home.

This experience was a memorable experience because in life we should be thankful for what we have.  I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for the doctor this time. Not being able to help her. I would always remember the lady because it was true. People in other places are having worse times than maybe some of us. In other places people are getting shot, getting hurt and much more. Back in the day life was hard they don’t have their materials what we have today they didn’t have phones to communicate with each other, they had their lives so hard they had to go and find good, but now we just have phones and just go to the store when we need food. There is a saying “we don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to our path for a reason.”-Unknown. I didn’t meet this lady on accident I met her because she told me something important that day that and I will never forget.

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on Oct. 4 2017 at 12:43 pm
hazeleyedwriter BRONZE, Penn Laird, Virginia
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That must have been a really difficult experience, but I find that difficult experiences are the ones that change us - for better of for worse. I'm glad that you decided to let it change you for the better. Thanks for sharing your story.

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