Joining a New Family

October 2, 2017
By Preetham BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Preetham BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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“I wish my parents hadn’t heard of this place.” This is what I felt after coming home from summer vacation. My mother had just revealed to me that she applied me to a new school. She also stated that you can only get in by lucky admission and somehow I am “lucky” winner. My mom believed that I was supposed to be happy.  But if I could only express my anger that just wanted to outburst. I couldn’t as I was needed to be polite at that moment. I could not believe she made this decision without my consent. It made me feel sick thinking that I had to leave all my friends behind.


School starts in just 3 days! To make things worse, I just found out that this school requires you to wear a uniform. Great! I ran through the aisles trying to find the right size. How can I like this school ever if my every perspective of this school is negative? The only reason my mom applied me to this school is that we are moving to a new house that is close to both my parents' offices. So she thought that it would be a great idea to try to get me into this school since it is better than the school that I was supposed to go to. And my fate has it that I had to get it.


“School time”- My dad shouted from downstairs realizing that I “forgot” to set my alarm. I just felt terrible thinking about how my new school would be. I stopped eating my cereal feeling full after thinking about my new school. I just had a gut feeling that this isn’t gonna go well. But this was the same gut feeling I had thought that my orange will get flushed helping me avoid eating my fruits. The orange just got stuck and we had to get a plumber to remove it since the toilet plunger is not successful in getting it out. I got into the car and awaited the hell that I thought that I would be sucked into.


I got off the car, my face sweaty, my palms sweaty. This sweat is accumulated by every new kid who is questioning how well my new school would be. The teachers told me that I was to be waiting in the gym till they call all of us into our classrooms. I looked at the paper on the wall that showed me where to go first. The announcement came at last, rising my heart rate at once. I walked the lit up hallways filled with students. To me, it was a dark opening that I was going through alone. At that moment I realized my worst fear.Solitary. All my life I was at a school where I knew everyone and I had lots of friends. I was never alone. Going to new school meant new people that I've never seen.


I got to my first class. Right at the door, I was treated with a handshake by my future classmates and my teacher with a smile.They say smiles are the most contagious things. And I knew for sure that I am the furthest away from being immune to them, so I smiled. Smiled as my heart filled with warmth knowing that I don’t have to feel alone being new at this new school. My previous teacher told me that first impressions are the most important impressions. The school already gave me it’s best so it’s time for me. I talked to the teachers in a way that shows them indirectly that I am polite. And with the students, I talked with them as my shyness was being covered by my happiness of knowing that this school is amazing! Throughout the day my curiosity increased about how my new teacher and students are. And it all lived up to my expectation. I cannot believe how much I am loving this school! At the end of the day, I didn’t even have the feeling that every new kid has after being in his new school. I felt as if I am not new but knew everyone.


“How’s the school?”, my mom asked me.” it’s actually great!” I replied. I realized that day a lesson. That a mother always knows the best for her children. I knew that I might even end up liking this school possibly more than my older school. I knew that this school will be like family.

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