When I Lost Her

October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

So many things have impacted me in the past 7 years, but the death of my mimi impacted  me the most.Even though I was around 7 when she died, it impacted me so much.She was taken at a young age and it was so unexpected.I remember all the days my sister stayed at my grandpa’s house.Every sunday morning I would wake up and she would attempt to do my hair but most of the time my pigtails failed to stay in a  rubber band.Everyone gave her an A+ for effort on trying to fix my thick hair.My sister and I loved going to my grandpa’s house as a kid,She would always take us to build a bear, while my brother was doing guy things with my grandpa.We would come home with a new bear every time we went over to her house.My sister and i would have almost everything in the store.My mimi was a soft spoken person and never raised her voice at any of us.She was always helping someone and didn't work because my grandpa felt like he should be earning money and she should take care of things at home.She was a stay at home mom because he was a CEO of a company.

My mimi made such a huge impact in my family’s life as well as other people’s lives.She was always able to bring sunshine in our rainy days.She was always there to help someone. She was quite the crafty person,she made ornaments during christmas time.Every time there was a football game she would have snacks galore in her purse.I can’t remember a dull moment with her

.May 2nd 2010 was the day that my life changed and everything felt different.I can remember waking up to go to school and my siblings and I walked out of our room to my mom’s room where we found her and my dad talking.I can remember feeling  numb when I heard the news,It felt like everything was going in slow motion and my body froze.Although I didn't understand much about how she died at the time,i knew it was only a temporary goodbye and that I would see her once again.It still felt so unreal,knowing that I would never get to hear her sweet voice again or be able to feel her arms around me when i needed a hug.

I remember the day we buried her was May 8 which was two days before my birthday.All I wanted for my seventh birthday was for her to come back.I believe the death of my mimi changed me so much,and it made me realize so many things.Her death made me realize that God can take you at any point in time,and you should always live life to the fullest.You should leave a  good memory with each person you encounter,that's exactly what she did.You should never go to sleep mad at someone because you never know what can happen over night.And most importantly you should always call,i guarantee that 15 to 30 minutes out of your day won’t hurt,and you should always make time for people who are important to you in your life.

She changed me into a caring person,and her death impacted me so much.I now realise when im about to do something stupid,i think of her and I think would she think this would be okay for me to do.She always held all of us to a high standard especially my brother .She wanted all of us to succeed in life and that's what I f plan to do to make her proud.

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