Things I’ve Needed to Remember for School

September 26, 2017
By Stetz BRONZE, Delmar, Iowa
Stetz BRONZE, Delmar, Iowa
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In World Lit I’ve remembered an activity we did in history class, where someone describes the culture of the people of Nacirema through their own culture bias. I’ve remembered how I like to discuss thing in class and debate with others. I’ve remembered how annoying it is to read a book together in class, because the progress is just so slow. I’ve remembered that I am really bad at giving presentations and talking to large groups of people.
In Spanish I’ve remembered the future tense, along with the subjunctive. The grammar and vocab of years past (if I went into specifics my entire paper would be about my Spanish class.) Some examples would be tambien: Also or Saber: To know. I’ve remembered the past participle (ing) and when to use “ser” over “estar”. Speakers use “ser” for more permanent things like occupation and description. Meanwhile you use “estar” for saying a thing’s location or how someone is feeling. I’ve remembered direct object pronouns and where to place them, also how to know which direct object pronoun to use. I’ve remembered about the indirect object pronouns and how to use them with direct object pronouns. I’ve remembered about the imperfect conjugations and preterite conjugations of infinitives. I’ve remembered some of the irregular verbs for the past participle.

In PE I’ve remembered how to make a Frisbee bounce off the ground and also how annoying it is to get a Frisbee stuck under the bleachers and have to retrieve it. I’ve remembered what it’s like to run after having a summer of laziness.

In English Composition I’ve remembered how to make an anecdote. I’ve remembered what hooks are and what types of hooks there are. I’ve remembered that procrastinating and then trying to finish a paper in a short amount of time doesn’t work out too well. I’ve remembered my past experiences as a child and my past experiences with hospitals. I’ve remembered my past experiences with friends and family, on and off the football field. I’ve remembered that I have math work on my folder.

In Band I’ve remembered what it’s like to march in time with the drums. I’ve remembered that marching and playing at the same time is not very easy. I’ve remembered that to actually sound good I need to practice outside of school. I’ve remembered how hard it is to keep the distance between a person while marching down to the field. I’ve remembered past shenanigans where my friend Dawson, stole all of my things without me noticing, or my slide falling out at past competitions.

In calculus I’ve remembered what a function is. I’ve remembered the basic principle that to add or subtract fractions you need a common denominator. I’ve remembered to multiply by the reciprocal when dividing fractions. I’ve remembered what asymptotes are and how they affect lines on a graph. I’ve remembered how to take a function to a function, also known as composing a function [ f(g(x))]. I’ve remembered the four ways to express a function. (numeric, algebraic, words, and visually) I’ve remembered how to tell if a graph is representing a function with the vertical line test. I’ve remembered how to test to see if a function is a one to one function by using the horizontal line test. I’ve remembered what real and imaginary numbers are. I’ve remembered how to draw and analyze graphs. I’ve remembered shifts, stretches, and shrinks and all the special rules involved with how they affect a graph. I’ve remembered that a triangle is a 2d shape and that a 3d version of it is called a triangular prism.

In Government I’ve remembered why politics are a pain in the butt. I’ve remembered documents that I have used like the code of Hammurabi. I’ve remembered philosophers/writers that I have read about, like Thomas Hobbs and Edgar Allen Poe. I’ve remembered the travesty that happened on 9/11/01, when the planes hit the twin towers and the pentagon. I’ve remembered that our founding fathers created the constitution. I’ve remembered why the government was formed how it was. I’ve remembered that a peoples values and beliefs change over time.

In physics I’ve remembered that the physics teacher is kind of bad at explaining his math. I’ve remembered that the periodic table that I made in chemistry has more applications than just chemistry. I’ve remembered why I dislike lab write ups. I’ve remembered the velocity formula. I’ve remembered how to read and create velocity graphs, as well as position vs time graphs. I’ve remembered how to use logger pro. I’ve remembered that when doing a lab your results can never be 100% accurate.

These are all of the things I’ve had to remember just this year. I can barely wait to see what is actually in store for me this year.

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