The Game of Revenge, Lacrosse

September 26, 2017
By Born7272 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Born7272 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Prove them wrong. That was all that was on my mind during my sophomore season for lacrosse. I was told I wouldn't get anywhere, no colleges would look at me if I was a one sport kid. I’d end up being a couch potato and just quit lacrosse too. Well they were all so so wrong... After turning the doubts into fuel I pushed my training to the limit. I kicked myself into a new gear and focused more than ever! Put in the time and got two of three very important awards. But before we get to that, let's go back to where it all began.. The beginning of the season.
It all started with getting the role of captain. As a sophomore this was my second season playing at a varsity level. So skill wasn't the challenge, it was getting a extremely young squad to listen and play at a high level. As we slowly progressed through the season that challenge proved to be tougher than I thought. We had played against top teams in our conference and winning just wasn't going to happen right away. Personally I was doing good with shutting down top players and had gained the attention of the voters. But to put my mark on them I had to get more games in the win column. And in a matter of no time we had streaked into 5th place within the conference with wins of Ovid elsie, Traverse city St francis and Portage Northern. And each time the voters got more and more impressed with me, as my leading skills were starting to show even more! But before we could get to the voting stage we must get through playoffs!

East Grand Rapids, a giant in the game of High school lacrosse was the team waiting for us in the first round. With a handful of division one and three recruits, winning would be easier said than done. Sadly winning didn't happen, in fact it ended up being a 22-2 lost for us. But the score didn't show how we carried ourselves through the game. The team and I were complemented with how we continued to play hard even though we were outmatched. And that would carry as evidence of my resilience and toughness as a player to the voters. But as we closed in on voting day, there was said to be only one player to make all conference and all city.  With hearing that I was for sure it wasn't me because I played a very difficult position to get that honor. But to my surprise I was that guy! Can you believe it? Only one player to go All conference and all city from my school and it was me! All my hard work had paid off, I had gotten two of the best honors as a high school lacrosse player and showed that I wasn't going to be a couch potato. Seems like the end huh? You're wrong, this is just the beginning of proving people wrong! All state is next.

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