Cedar Point

September 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Today was the day.  The day has finally came. One of my lifelong dreams; I finally get to go to Cedar Point. I've been looking forward to this day ever since I started to like roller coasters. People call this place the roller coaster capital of the world and I wanted to see what it was all about. I knew i’d be nervous but after the first coaster i knew i’d love it.  When we first got to Cedar Point I was overwhelmed of all the people and how big it was, since i’ve only been to Michigan’s Adventures. The roller coasters here were much bigger and looked like a lot more fun.  There was so many roller coasters there that I knew I couldn’t get them all in but I would surely try.  The first coaster I rode was Corkscrew which wasn’t anything special but more or less to get my juices flowing before going on the bigger roller coasters. The next coaster we rode was a wooden coaster called Gemini. This coaster was bigger than any wooden coaster i’ve ever seen and it had two train cars that raced each other. Gemini was just a blast because of the speed, air time, and the racing factor. I then went on to ride a few of the what you would call kind of smaller coasters at Cedar Point but not anywhere else.  My day had already been great at Cedar Point and I haven’t even got to any of the bigger coasters yet. I had a few more coasters in mind that were famous at Cedar Point like Mantis, Millennium Force, Maverick, and best of all Top Thrill Dragster. I decided to go on Mantis first because this was a stand up coaster which I have never experienced before.  I rode this coaster front row and it was just a rush of adrenaline doing loops and going upside down all while standing up.  Mantis was by far my favorite ride of the day but I had three more coasters that I wanted to get in. I decided to go on Maverick next which was a shorter ride but packed a punch. After riding Maverick and Mantis, I couldn’t choose a favorite, they were both insanely good coasters.  I knew I had two more good looking coasters ahead and started to think if i’d be able to choose a favorite. I decided to save the best for last and ride Millennium Force before Top Thrill Dragster. This coaster was the second tallest coaster in the park and definitely the tallest i’ve ever ridden.  The coaster lived up to it’s name and probably gave me the biggest rush of adrenaline all day.  Finally the coaster I was most excited for and the most nervous for, Top Thrill Dragster. Waiting in line for this 420 ft tall coaster was very intimidating indeed but I put my fears behind me and was riding this coaster no matter what.  I got strapped in and left the station for the launch.  We sat there for a few seconds before launching at 120 mph and climbing the massive 420 ft hill.  Before I knew it I was at the top and back at the bottom. This was probably my favorite ride of the day but none of the other coasters disappointed. The day I went to Cedar Point was one of the best days of my life and it certainly didn’t let me down.  I already wanted to go back by the time we were gone and the trip definitely gave me a new love for roller coasters.

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