The Lost

September 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Late in the afternoon. The math homework was easy, just a couple of pages of equations and I was done. My bedroom door was open and I could hear partially all the conversation that were out in that moment. I remember my mom was in her dresser and then my mom received a call, it was my grandma, she told something to my mom. Then in just a few seconds my mom started crying. In that moment I was in my chair and I fell to the floor crying because I thought the worst. The n my mom came into my bedroom and told me that we had to go to the hospital because my grandpa was in the emergency room.

The ride in the car was an eternity. The only thing I was thinking in that moment was the idea that when we get there, I will see that maybe my grandpa is gone. That idea was pretty bad because my grandpa was all for me, he was like a dad.
After waiting for hours at the emergency room door willing for good news, my mom came out the door with a good face like if nothing didn’t happened.

Two days later my grandpa was moved to another hospital. I liked that hospital because it wasn't far from home and I could go easily when I wanted to. My grandfather spended some time in the normal zone, waiting for results and hopefully good news… but that didn’t come true. Unfortunately he was getting worst, cancer was taking place more than we expected. After that, they moved him to another “zone” of the hospital: Palliative care. When I first hear that word I didn’t know what it was, but a few words from my mom cleared my mind “palliative care was about caring people that is going to die, and so make their lives easy, and also help them die with any pain”. I was over, the idea that my grandpa wasn’t going to get better was killing me.

One week, two weeks, time felt like passing by very fast,like if this was an easy thing… EASY!!! Well not for me, and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t easy to for my grandpa too. After two or three weeks we decided that my grandfather was better in an only palliative care hospital. So he moved there. This was ridiculous, my grandfather was in the process of dying and he was moving from hospital to hospital… By the way, he was always happy, and so I was. Seeing that my grandfather was alive and happy made me happy too.

Sometimes I liked to remember I used to play with him, or study, or talk… all those things that my grandfather had where things very special, but for the first time I could see how all that things that I used to do with him were coming to an end; for the first time I could feel how everything in my life was turning sideways.


The weeks seem to be simple weeks but the only difference was that it wasn’t that house where I almost grew up… it was a Hospital. Even though that is not a reason for me to not going to visit him. Every single week, i went to the hospital to visit him. He did things for me that anybody did before, why wouldn’t I just pleased him with a couple visit during those hard weeks?? Almost all the time that I spend in the hospital I spend them talking to him. It was pretty awesome how he had all that energy to stay there, talking to the people that visited him…

The last week was the hardest week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… those days I remember I canceled all my plans out of school. That week was for him and I. he didn’t last very long because the medicine, he fell asleep from Tuesday to Friday. Was that a reason for me to leave him there and go with my friends?? NO, I should stay there. Well let me tell you that I was the only grand son visiting him from monday to thursday. I went out of school and take the train to the hospital.That weekend I was supposed to go up north with my friends but I knew that my grandpa was going to pass away in that weekend.

LAST DAY, Friday. Almost all the family was there, we had a great time, talking each other and watching grandpa rest. That was the last night, I knew it. As a good grand son I thought that my job was staying there the night but my mom told me that I had to go to home, “tomorrow will be a long day” she said. I was hoping a miracle, something but anything was possible.

That morning, I was in the bed and my father woke me up. The first thing I saw was that my father is in a black suit and my other in the background with tears but with a good face. “It is time to leave” she said.

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