Basketball Game Winner

September 25, 2017
By KyleLiggett BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
KyleLiggett BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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When you wake up at seven in the morning on the weekend at least you know it is for something fun to do unlike school. We were on our way to our last basketball tournament of eighth grade year. It was the first game of the tournament. We were all pumped to play the sport we loved. The game started off really slow for us. We could never get the lead but we were always just a little bit behind the other team almost all game. It felt as if right when we would score a basket they would come right down the other end of the court and they would score. If we would turn the ball over they would turn the ball over. Each team couldn’t quite get a big enough lead to feel comfortable all game. After the first quarter ended the score was 18-16. Our opponent was winning.  Throughout the whole game it was just hard for both teams to actually gain a lead. My coach kept telling me, “Kyle just relax the team, play at the tempo that you want to play at, don’t rush bad shots.” I knew he was right. I thought about it during halftime. As halftime went on I told the team that we all needed to relax and play our game, not theirs. As if I was a God or something, we came into the third quarter with a different approach.  We played our style of game and by the end of the third quarter we were back in the game. We had all the momentum and the crowd going crazy for our team. With two minutes left to play in the game, we were down by three points. The team kept trying to stall the game but, they ended up taking a bad shot and we got the rebound and dribbled it down the court. I made a three point with thirty seconds left to tie the game. With the clock still winding down they passed the ball in with ten seconds left. They made a mistake. I was guarding the kid who was looking for the ball. I stole it with five seconds left, dribbled it down the court and pulled up from three point range and made the shot when the clock ran out. It was one of the best moments of my life as my teammates all tackled and hugged me. I couldn’t have made that shot without being in the game so I am very thankful for my teammates for sticking into the game and never giving up. After that game we were done for the weekend. After we had the team huddle coach said “In honor of our great weekend of basketball let’s go get dinner as a team.” That’s exactly what we did. We raided Pizza Hut and it was just a special bonding moment for me and my teammates.

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