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July 24, 2017
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The weather was so cold, but I had never felt so warm before; I can´t explain why, but she had the power of making me feel safe just with her smile.  Earlier that day, she texted me asking if we could meet after lunch. So, after lunch, I grabbed the car keys and drove as fast a I could to the same coffee shop we had always met every time she wanted to talk. When I finally arrived, she was already there, sitting at the same table that we used to sit at all the time, and she looked brighter than ever on that day in particular. To be honest, it was really hard for me to hide all of these feelings when I was with her.  When we got our coffees to the table, I would have never imagined that what she was going to say in a couple of minutes would affect me in such a deep way. She was so happy, she finally exclaimed: “We are dating!” I wasn´t prepared for such a shocking news! Then, she explained to me that she was finally dating one of my friends… I didn´t know how to react. After an extended cold silence, I just said: “I´m glad about that, you deserve to be happy!” We kept talking about other stuff, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had told me. It was the worst mix of emotions I had never had. On one hand, I was really happy about seeing her, she glowed and looked very enthused; but on the other hand, I was devastated after realizing that I had lost all of my chances, and it was too late for everything now. 


Nothing has changed between us, she is the same sweet girl who always texts me; every day she asks me how I am feeling, and I am the same guy who always answers that everything is fine as I wash the tears off of my face.

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