The Story of My 6th Grade School Year

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

I thought it was gonna be a chill day after school, but it turned out to be one of the worst school days in my life. Me and Chris were on the 6 floor, just relaxing. I wondered to myself if the phones up there were working.

I said “You wanna make a prank call to someone,it'll be funny”
Chris said, “Ok how about the police”
I thought in my mind i know this idea will not turn out to be good but, I just really wanted to do it.
We slowly walked towards the phone hoping nobody would see us. When we entered the room chris quickly picked up the phone, I was his look out. He dialed the numbers 911!
The officer said “911 What's your emergency”
Chris said “Hurry there's a dead body, hurry hurry”!
Then he quickly hung up the phone. I laughed and then it was finally my turn to go up.I dialed 911.
Once again the officer said“911 what's your emergency”
I said “There's a robbery help us”
The officer said “I'm on my way”

My heart dropped! I thought they weren't gonna come because i did not tell them an address.I wanted to call my mom and go home but I couldn't. I thought to myself, what if I go home and chris gets all the blame for this? So i just waited to see if they actually come to the school. The principal gathered everyone to the gym.
The officer said “We got 2 phone calls about a dead body and a robbery, does anyone know about this”.
The gym stood silent.They started pulling kids 1 by 1 to find out who did it.It was my turn,my face was red and my hands were sweaty. Once i walked in i saw chris and the police.

The officer said “I know it was you two guys”.
Out of nowhere they started screaming about how much trouble we can be in and how they rushed over here just to help us.
The principle said “So this type of behavior leads to consequences”
And we both found out we were suspended!

The author's comments:

This is about what happen when I followed my stupid friends

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