The Story of a Girl's Life

June 5, 2017
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I have a lot on my mind, but doesn’t everybody. Everybody is going through something so I am just going to writeabout our everyday life. Honestly I couldn’t think of something to write about without being negative about. People go through things, some grow up i a bad home and have a bad childhood. They've been emotionally and/or physically abused. Some even grow up watching their parents abuse drugs. Someone that love love is going through cancer or lost the fight to cancer. Some grow up with only one parent or no parents in their life. Some grow up with barely enough money to get them by, but then there’s some who grow up and have tons and tons of money and they know that they’ll always have that to depend on. There are people who work really hard to make a living and even taking care of their families, then there are some who don’t do anything and shoot up heroin and drink away and don’t clean up after themselves. Children, their sleeping at night and get woke up because their family and their friends coming home drunk. But my point is there’s always something negative and this world will never lose that. For example, after you graduate you get your diploma and that’s great thing going to college afterwards and getting a better job and making more money, but what isn’t so great is that you may have loans to pay the rest of your life. There is always negativity in this world. The way people dress or learn differently and may be slower than others, they get bullied. This world can be harsh. Some people have gone through, have tried or had thoughts about suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,000 deaths per year. Over 14% of high school students have considered suicide and about 7% has attempted it. Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent bullying such as: one, talk to a parent, teacher, or another adult you can trust. Two, be kind to the kid being bullied. Show them that you care by trying to include them. You can also talk to them and make sure that their safe. Also keep in mind that everyone is different. Not better or worse. Just different. There are some things that you can do to prevent bullying and help people who are going through it. Help anyone that you know is going through something. There are plenty of things that you can do to be more positive. A smile goes a long way!

“Just imagine for a second a little girl, with the over sized dress and hat and bag waddling down to these massive school gates, she was full of anticipation, happiness, excitement, motivation and courage. She seems like a little girl with an extremely bright future doesn’t she! Little did she know she wouldn’t stay that way for very long. From the minute she walked into those gates, from the minute she spoke to the first person she was instantly targeted and she didn’t know why. She didn’t ask for it and she didn’t do anything to deserve it. She became the centre of every fight, and every hateful word. She was told she was worthless and didn’t belong in this world. She was told to end her life. she was told she was nothing she was told that she shouldn’t try because she’s a failure and she could never achieve anything. She was told she was fat and ugly and annoying and stupid. This girl was 6 years old! Yet these words and actions left a very distinct imprint in her mind for years. That girl is 15 now. Working hard in high school. Trying diets after diets, she felt like nothing would ever work. She still got bullied but she stand tall with her head held high waiting for her diploma she knows she is going to get. She’s been hit by people at school. Her father left when she was 5 and said she was nasty and worthless and he didn’t want a daughter like that. She never heard from him again. Her and her mother aren’t very close. She doesn’t talk to her mom about how people treat her and her mom doesn’t notice when something’s wrong. When she cries she’ll go for a walk or lock herself in her room until her mother leaves for the night. That girl is graduating. She wrote her speech. She wrote how she made it without her father. She got past the bullies and proved them wrong. She didn’t need her mother’s help with homework. She did it! ”

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