Daisy’s Surprise

June 3, 2017
By mostmagick BRONZE, Williamston, Michigan
mostmagick BRONZE, Williamston, Michigan
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When we first got our chinchillas, we only had three of them. We had Zeus, Houdini, and Daisy. Daisy was our newest chinchilla, and she was mine. All of them lived in an old, rickety cage. We decided that we should get a new chinchilla cage, so my mom got on the internet and found one in Indianapolis. It came with a free chinchilla whose name was Peanut Butter. We got the large cage and Peanut Butter. We brought him home and put all four of our chinchillas in the new cage, the three boys, and the girl. We did not think that Daisy would get pregnant.
A few weeks later I was holding Daisy, when I noticed she was larger than before. I wondered if she was getting enough exercise, or if she had been eating too much, but I quickly dismissed those theories because I knew they could not be true. I suspected Daisy was pregnant. I told my mom about Daisy’s sudden weight gain and my theory. She said Daisy was probably just getting fatter. I trusted her judgement and tried not to get my hopes up. Secretly I still hoped she was pregnant.
After about one week, I made another discovery. Daisy had some “lumps” in her stomach. They just had to be babies! I was so excited and ran up to my mother to give her another update. She once again dismissed my thoughts. I think she knew I was right, but she also knew I would be hard to live with during the lengthy gestation. She was in deep denial.
After another couple of weeks, I began to feel a faint amount of kicking coming from Daisy’s stomach. Once again, I marched up to my mother and declared I was correct and that  Daisy was indeed pregnant. I held out Daisy to her and placed her hand on Daisy’s stomach. She felt the kicks, looked at me, and smiled. I was told not to get my hopes too high in case something went wrong during birth. She finally believed me. In another week or two, I felt a bunch of strong kicks and realized Daisy must be pregnant with triplets. I told my mother and once again she smiled, but I could tell she was worried about them. I just wanted them all to survive.
For the next few weeks, I was constantly watching Daisy, and willing her to give birth. Her four months was nearly over and she was due any day now. Every morning before school, I woke up and checked on her, and every night before bed, I checked on her again. The anticipation was consuming, and I was getting tired of my chinchilla watches. I decided I would let nature take its course, and no amount of chinchilla watching would force the babies out. The babies would come when they were ready.
A few days later after school, I came home and sat down in the living room to do my homework. I did not go over to the chinchilla cage because I was waiting for the birth to happen on its own. I got to work and after about an hour I was finished. I decided to go upstairs to relax, so I walked by the chinchilla cage, and stopped in my tracks. I heard a faint squeaking coming from the cage, more than usual. I looked in the cage, and squealed. There was Daisy, surrounded by her newborn babies. There were three little grey bundles of joy at the bottom of the cage. They were all pushing and shoving each other to get to Daisy to suckle. I called over my mom and my sister to see them.
After a while my sister and I came up with the perfect names for them. The first born was a girl and her name was Selena. The second born was a boy and his name was Shadow. Finally, the runt of the litter was a little girl named Luna. They were perfect. Selena was rather large compared to the others and she was quickly seen as the angry baby because she bit my mom as soon as we took her out of the cage. Shadow was about the same size as Luna, and he was the energetic one, he was always speeding around not caring where he was going. Luna was the sweet one, she would just sit down and curl up in my hand. We held them all and played with them (Daisy appreciated the break). When they were tired we put them back in the cage with Daisy. When Daisy had enough pestering she would escape from them at the high shelves in the cage. She was a good mother and gave birth to three amazing babies. Even though we were never expecting to have chinchilla babies, it turned out to be an amazing experience.

The author's comments:

This is a part of my life that means a lot to me. It was a beautiful experiance to witness the development of new living beings. I was lucky to witness this process happen to my chinchilla, and it is not every day that you see something so beautiful. I now live with my seven chinchillas and appreciate more of the small things in life that are sometimes overlooked.

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