Carbon Monoxide

May 25, 2017
By Marko23 BRONZE, Warminster, Pennsylvania
Marko23 BRONZE, Warminster, Pennsylvania
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As I open the door of the Ford Explorer the November chill sends shivers down my body. Excited to spend the night at my best friends’ house, I walk on the side walk up to the front door that I would soon remember for the rest of my life.  I immediately go to Sophia’s bedroom to get ready for the thriller that would make me throw my popcorn and give me nightmares. We hop back in the car and drive off. After the movie theater, all we did was hang out which made the day go by pretty quickly. Soon we would fall asleep peacefully, not expecting to need medical help in a couple hours.

I wake up at approximately 3:00 in the morning from a nightmare about the movie we went to go see. I race to the living room and see Sophia’s mom. I walk up to her and realize she is talking to me, but I could barely hear her. Also, I realize that everything in the room is blurry.

Sophia runs up to me and screams, “why did you leave me?”

We both start to tell each other and Sophia’s mom how sickly we feel.
I stated, “my head hurts, my heart is racing and I feel really dizzy.”

Sophia said she felt the same as me. Her mom told us it was nothing and that we should just go back to sleep. As we were walking back to Sophia’s room, her sister Gina said, “why do I feel like I’m drunk?” We all went back into the living room and told Sophia’s mom that there was definitely something wrong. She decided to call the apartments maintenance and after a long 45 minutes, he finally came. The maintenance guy was done in under 10 minutes, he said, “I checked everywhere and I don’t see anything.”

Even though everyone said it was fine, all of us felt the complete opposite. Her mom decided that calling the police was the best option. After waiting 15 more minutes, two firetrucks, one ambulance, and three police officers show up. We saw them bring in many different devices that help locate the problem.  They soon found out a small fire started in the heating room, that caused carbon monoxide to travel throughout the apartment. They quickly put Sophia, her mom, Gina, Gina’s baby, and me in the small ambulance and rush us to the Abington Hospital E.R.

We got out of the ambulance and my mom was waiting for me outside. The doctors raced us to our rooms and started multiple tests. They told me that my carbon monoxide level was high and I would have to wear an oxygen mask until the levels were back to normal. Later on, the doctors told me that my oxygen level was getting back to normal and I could check on everyone else if I wanted to. I went to check on everyone else and they were all doing alright.

The nurses told me I could go home soon and we all ended up leaving at the same time. I said bye to Sophia’s family and I got in my mom’s car. My mom started home and we were both too exhausted to say anything. When we got home I went to my room and went straight to sleep. When I woke up again my mom and sister were asking so many questions and I told them the story from beginning to end. As a result, I went to sleep that one night unaware of what I will now and always remember.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece for people to understand importance of home safety and the experience I had at this time. I hope people understand the dangers that could happen in their homes and some measures that need to be taken to have a safe home. 

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