Your Worst Nightmares

May 23, 2017

I always look back at my childhood and think about all the antics me and my cousin Alberto would do. They all seemed so amusing to us. I still remember when he was 3 and I was about 5 we would always wake up early and meet up in our living room. I remember we grabbed the 5 gallon water holder and stood up to check the freezer in order to find a hershey chocolate We both looked at each other and we knew we had to eat this chocolate.

We never imagined that the reason of the chocolate being in our freezer, was for my uncles hickey. When my uncle woke up he went straight to look for this chocolate he clearly remembered putting in the freezer. But the chocolate was gone, he asked my mom and uncle who was around and we were quietly giggling in the living room covered in chocolate. He slowly peeks at our faces and spots the chocolate. It was you all he says with a small giggle.

I remember our two bedroom apartment which whom I shared a room with my mom and uncle, and Alberto shared the other room with his parents. If you entered that apartment it was a mess the walls were all written over. They were just colorful scribbles that gave the apartment life. We each had a closet filled with toys, and as you can imagine our toys were different. My toys consisted of dolls, toy cashier, and a doll house. Albertos toys consisted off cars, toy guns, and soldiers. We constantly argued over him wanting to play with my toys and breaking them. I remember a time when he broke my barbie cashier I cried and I made him clean up and our parents ended up arguing over us.

Oh boy Alberto and me were always the kids who loved being with each other but constantly argued over the smallest things.

Alberto has grown to be tall as well as his personality.He is such a smart young kid who will go far in life.

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