Juicy Ribs

May 19, 2017

I remember those good times when I would come home from soccer and I would smell the strong aroma of freshly cooked ribs. The strong scent would make the whole house smell like ribs and the aroma would stick in your nose till the next day. My mom would prepare the ribs in the afternoon to get them all seasoned, so that it soaks into the meet. This all started when I was young, a great memory of my childhood coming home from soccer all sweaty and tired. But when I smelled the sweet aroma of the ribs a sudden excitement rushed through my body.  Even my dog would be so excited when she smelled that amazing smell. It was a great child memory and I hope to never forget it. My mom till this day makes the ribs but even better than before, the meat falls off the bones and juices run down the bone as it goes on my fingers. I hope that one of these days I learn how to make that amazing meal. Since my mom knows how to make them so well I’m going to learn how to make it just like her and in the future make it for my kids. As they savor all the flavors like I did and hopefully will have great memories. My tone is informative.

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