Unexpected Visitors

May 11, 2017
By , oswego, IL

It's a dark and gloomy night as I sat in my computer chair just mindlessly playing Halo with my friend Jacob as we both slur our words. My eyes stung from staring at the television screen. I sat in my chair bobbed my head barely staying awake, as I tried to rank up in my game this being the last game I was going to play. I tried my hardest to win because before the game these guys were making fun of my friend. Because he was a “squeaker” which gave us more of a reason to beat them. Because they were mean to Jacob and he was just a young 12 year old from Ohio that I met online and I didn't like when people tried making fun of him cause he was shy and didn't talk back. Jacob should also never had been up this late, his dad hates when we stay up late and normally would blame me. I would never be allowed to stay up this late if it was up to my mom,  I was staying very quiet so she didn't hear me. I remember it being as quiet as me sneaking up on my enemies in Halo, it was weird because my siblings were always up so late. I was playing my game in peace when to my surprise i heard a loud noise from down stairs. It was so loud my friend heard it.


“What was that?” said Jacob
“I think it was my mom I got to go I talk to you later.” I said frantically.
“Ok man, I'll talk to you later good luck,” he said quickly.


I ran to my bed and jumped in and pretended to sleep as I waited for my mom to check my room to see if I was awake. I was very confused because no one came in and that was the only reason someone would be up at this hour so I went out of the room to see what all the noise was.

I walked out of my room and looked down my stairs and my heart stopped for a minute. I thought it was a dream at first. The door once solid, secure, and safe now hanging there with a gash in it. There were a dozen S.W.A.T officers running up my stairs with assault rifles.


“Get on the floor,” the officers roared
“Ok ok” i replied fearing for my life.
“Get up and get in your room.”


I went into my room and one swat member followed me I was very confused with everything and terrified. But the officer was trying to calm me down by talking to me about my video game and told me he also played video games. I felt more comfortable, but was still worried about what they were doing with my family so then he started asking me questions.

“Have you noticed any strange things going on around your house lately?” the officer asked
“No I haven't, I really don't do much but play video games and play baseball.” i replied
“Have people you don't know come over?”
“I didn't see anyone around the house lately that I don't know.”

Then the officer was done asking me questions so he said I can go to my mom's room.
My mom was sitting there in handcuffs getting questioned by another officer and then he let her go because they said she was innocent.

I went to the hall outside of my mom's room and there is my brothers Dan and Nick both in handcuffs, both very scared and surprised. They told my mom they would have to take them to jail for the narcotics they found in their rooms. Also in the down stair is see my sister Linday and brother in-law Ian in handcuffs cause they recently moved back in last week because of a problem with their apartment. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They said they would need to take  Ian and Linday to jail as well.

Ian was screaming at Dan, “You idiot why would you do all this and get all of us in trouble”.
“I'm sorry I didn't think this would happen.” Dan replied frantically

The officers were saying the reason they were tipped off and did the raid was because they have had suspension when they saw Dan always going to cars and them driving away. Once Linday and Ian moved in with Ian’s carpenter boxes the police thought they were crates of narcotics. Dan begged and pleaded that nothing go on Linday’s record because it would mess with her college scholarship. Her face was covered in a terrified expression. They said that they don't know how the charges would be applied but they need to take them all down to the police station besides me and my mom.

Then I was back in my moms room and she told me to call my dad and explain everything and tell him he needs to bail them out because she had work so I did.

“DAD DAD idk what is going on but Linday, Dan,Nick,and Ian all went to jail and mom needs u to come home now and bail them out.’
“WHAT IS GOING ON?” He asked confused.
“Just come home now they all went to jail” I say a little more clearly.
“Ok I'm coming” He said

Then when my dad came home my mom explains to him the swat broke the door down tore the house apart and took all of them and he needs to bail them out and that she needed to go to work.

Then my dad and I went to the police station and waited for hours to bail them out and I fell asleep on my dad at the police station because I never got to sleep and I ended up waking up in the car with everyone but Nick and I was confused.

“Where is Nick” I asked
“He has to stay two nights at the jail before he can come home” my dad said
“Why” I asked
“Because they got most the charges on Nick” my dad replied

I still, to this day, cannot believe all of the things that happened that day. My family will never forget it and it will always be a part of our past. I see the paths that I can take and what they may lead to. Although this whole experience taught me so many things, the biggest lesson I learned was that we need to get over what happened and keep going. We don’t dwell on the circumstances that were handed to us that day, we all kept going and moved on.

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