May 10, 2017
By miles55555 BRONZE, Lenexa , Kansas
miles55555 BRONZE, Lenexa , Kansas
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It was a regular day I was 6 years old and my dad asked me if I wanted to be baptised I said sure so that week that’s all i could think about how it be how it would feel what would my reaction be then i started to get nervous so on that sunday i acted like my head hurt so i didn’t
have to go cause i knew if i went i would have to get baptised so it worked so i stayed home and
i pretty much played games and then i went to sleep to acted like i had a fever  and i had planed to do this for as long as i could then the next day at school in I was talking to my friend and
“he said i've been baptised before and it wasn't that bad”
“Wow ok i thought it was really bad”
“He said no i did it a couple years ago it was nothing”
“I said so what was it like like what did you do cause my dad never explained what it was he just ask if i wanted to”
“He said you just get introduced the it’s like a pool in front of everybody”
“I said wow in front every body i don’t think i can do that”
“He said it’s not that bad but anyway let me continue then your get dipped in the pool get a round of applause go to the back and change and your done”
“I said that does not sound so bad”
“So that day i went home and told my dad”
“Ok now i think im ready”
“He said ok but i know your have been playing sick”
“I said really”
“He said why do you think i made your go to school every monday”

“I said wow i didn't even notice”
“Hes said yeah
“Well i said ok now im ready”
“He said ok”
“He said it will happen this sunday i said ok”
“And so the next sunday i got baptised  and now i’m save”

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