Mrs. Van Daan from The Diary of Anne Frank

May 16, 2017
By HauntedShoes BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
HauntedShoes BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
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Mrs. Van Daan  came from a wealthy family. She loved her father and she never mentioned her mother. Her father gave her a fur coat and she has grown her life around it. She does not want anyone touching her possessions, however she shows off quite a bit. Mrs. Van Daan loves to be the center of attention, and when she isn’t she tries her hardest to be the center of attention.

Mrs. Van Daan hated her stay in the attic. She expected a better life than what she was forced to be in. After a year and a half, she started to change. She started to realize she was going to be living there for a while. She and most other adults dislike Anne very much. She wants Anne to stop being the most mature and happy in the group so she starts to dislike her. After a while, just like her living conditions, she learns to stop hating Anne so much.

If Mrs. Van Daan had survived the holocaust, (which she hadn’t) she would most likely have become a model or a dancer. She says her body and legs are still in her prime and her legs will always be beautiful. She loves fashion, hence why she always wears an expensive fur coat, even in summer. She most likely would have become famous and lived a live most likely divorced with Mr. Van Daan.

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Its about the wealthy girl from Diary of Anne Frank.

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