I Am the Victim

May 12, 2017
By , Circleville, OH
Have you ever sat back and thought about who you are, or who you want to be? I find myself doing this a lot, not only because I'm not really sure who I am, and I'm not sure who I will become in the future. Sometimes I find myself lost, not physically, but mentally. I don't know where to turn next to make the best decision for my future. Not only this, but constantly being brought down, and bullied makes you really question who you are. You think things like: am I really beautiful? Or am I really supposed to be here? I was the victim of verbal bullying for about 3 years. Have you ever wondered what it's felt like to be the person that's getting bullied? Well I'm going to tell you. When you first see the bully, you freeze, you don't know what to do, especially when they are talking to someone. When they turn and stare you down, and laugh, that's when you know that you're the victim. Before I got bullied I was apart of the group that bullied me. But when I saw they were bullying people, I fought back. Because nobody deserves to be treated like that. Little did I know, standing up, fighting for what was right, would change my life forever. I knew their ways. I knew how they made other people feel, and I was ready for whatever they threw at me, or so I thought. They made me feel something I had never felt before. They made me feel so alone, and so invisible. I didn't have friends. I shut everybody out, and I had nobody to turn to. I slapped a smile
on my face and continued to look happy, when really, on the inside, I was shattered to pieces. I couldn't sit with people at lunch because they all believed the rumors being spread about me, and they all laughed and whispered. So instead, I chose not to eat. Walking down the hallways, I could feel everybody's eyes on me. I felt like I clown, or a freak of nature. I was a burden to people, and I just got in the way all the time. This led to severe anxiety, and social issues. This is verbal bullying, and I am the victim.

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