The Baseball Life

May 12, 2017
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In the summer my life basically consist of baseball. I have either practice or a game almost everyday of the week. During the summer I have tournaments that are sometimes out of state so I’m always going to new places. It really takes a lot of dedication and commitment to be apart of a travel team. When you’re on a travel team and you’re around that group of families for a while you really start to bond. It’s more of a family than an actual team. I was first introduced into travel ball when a friend of mine came to watch me play a rec league game. His dad, who coached the travel team I would soon play for, thought I was a pretty good player and so he asked me to try out for them. The team was pretty good. I went to tryouts and I knew i had already made the team. There were a few of my friends on the team but also some kids I had never met. Even though I didn’t know them, we ended up becoming great friends and still are today. My first year playing with them we played league games and also had some tournaments. The league we were in was called Coybl and there were some pretty good teams in it. We finished our Coybl season in second place out of 15 teams, with a record that was over 500. Tournaments were also fun. We went out of state for the first tournament of the year, going to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. These were probably the best dirt fields I have played on. There were about 20 amazing fields and the whole facility was worth about $34 million. It was a great experience for me and my teammates and I know I'll never forget it. Travel ball is a great experience and I'll promise you that you'll always have fun.

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