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May 11, 2017
By Michaelab74 BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
Michaelab74 BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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I ran my comb through my wet blonde hair as I looked back at myself in a steamy mirror.  Fresh out of the shower, with a princess themed night gown on, I was almost ready for bed.  Feeling relaxed after a long day, I walked into my purple room and saw Bobo.  His shiny black fur laid perfectly smooth.  His large green eyes instantly peered at me as he heard me step into the room. His out of place tooth poked outside of his mouth.  It was my favorite feature about him.  He was my cat, and slept with me every night.  My parents had gotten him before I was even born.  They’ve told me that Bobo would sleep on my mom's belly while she was pregnant with me.  That thought always made me smile, because it was almost like he knew we would be best friends. I always felt better knowing he was there when I went to sleep and would be there when I would wake up.  I hopped into bed snuggling under the covers as Bobo curled into a ball at my feet.  My parents came in to give me a kiss goodnight.  My dad pet Bobo on the head and reminded me again of how Bobo has always loved being with me.  I had grown up with Bobo and I was always his favorite.  He was always there with his never ending love and warm cuddles.  “We love you,” my mom said smiling with my dad, and the lights were out.  I closed my eyes and could hear the purring of Bobo and I slipped into a peaceful sleep.


Waking up was always hard.  I hated going to school, and I always have.  Nothing was worse than leaving a cozy warm bed to get up and start a day filled with things I didn't want to do.  I envied Bobo as he still laid there all cuddled up in a tight ball.  I kissed his head as I pet him, breathing in his comforting scent that I knew so well.  I already couldn’t wait to be back home.


That afternoon I am finally through school and back home to the comfort of my room.  I am picking up the clothes on my floor and playing music as Bobo stretches across my floor.  I picked him up and set him on the bed and started to comb through his soft smooth fur.  He purred so loud and closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.  He was always by my side wherever I went and always watching what I was doing.  He was my little buddy.  Bobo always wanting to be near me, made me feel so nice.  I felt special knowing it was me he always came to.  I loved giving him the attention and love that he deserved for being such a loyal companion.


From my room  I could hear my mom, “Bobo has been peeing in our living room. I’m sure, I can smell it.”
I was so confused.  Bobo had always been so good about using his litter box.  He was such a good cat.  I tried not to think much of it at first because I knew he was such a good cat.

My mom brought Bobo back from the vet with medicine. She said, “Doctor Withers says Bobo may have kidney stones.” We gave him medicine that helped for a little and then things just went bad again. 

“Mom will  Bobo be okay?” I asked my mom timidly.

“I don't know Michaela. We will have to see when we take him back to the vet,” she said blankly.

I knew something wasn't right and I tried to hold back the bad thoughts that tried creeping into my mind. I told myself that Bobo would be okay and we could fix him.


Bobo went back to the vet and they had found that he had still blood in his urine. I never understood completely what was wrong with him but my mom said it was causing him pain and that we could not have him peeing outside his litter box.
            “Then what's going to happen??” I asked angrily.
            “ We're going to have to put Bobo down, he's in pain and it would be wrong to keep him like this.” My mom talked as she cleaned the kitchen.
     “ I'm sorry Michaela, I know he's your cat but you understand he can't stay like this.” 

I just looked down at the table still in denial that this is what had to happen.  He was a part of my happiness.  I didn't want to be stripped of the joy he brought to my life.  It just didn't feel real.

  I looked at Bobo as he laid on my bed. I remember thinking about how I wasn't going to have him around anymore and that he had no clue what was going on.  I remember feeling that it was so unfair that such a loving and innocent creature could be taken from me.  He was my best friend.  I tried giving him the very best for his little amount of time left. I paid a lot of attention to him and gave him treats and toys.  I loved him so much. 
“I’ll miss you so much.”  I whisper while resting my head to his and taking in his scent.

I couldn't cry because it wasn't settling into my mind that this was really going to happen.


Bobo’s in his cage in the back seat of the car, scared.  He never liked going to the vet.  I just wanted to hold him and never let him go. I didn’t want this to be his time to go.  We were both babies together and now we were both only ten.  It was too soon and he deserved to live a longer life.  I walked into the vet with my mom.  Everything was so tense, the vet acted calm and talked us through the procedure .  He held Bobo on the counter trying to calm him and I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. They came out fast and heavy and I could feel them running down my cheek and down under my chin. I had realized that this was really happening.

“I'm going to be in the waiting room,” I croaked as I ran to a chair and hid my face in my hands.

I couldn't hold in my tears or my cries. An older man in the waiting room moved into the seat next to me and placed his hand on my back.
      “Are you okay hun” he asked
   “No, my cat Bobo has to be put down” I whispered

The man didn't say much to me, but his quiet demeanor was comforting.  He kept telling me how my cat would be in a better place and more comfortable.  The man stayed until he had to go.  Shortly after, my mom called me into the room to say goodbye.  Through my blurry vision I could see Bobo laying there motionless.  I could not believe what I was seeing but I knew it was real. I buried my head into his soft belly and cried.
“The fur on his tail is puffed up” I blubbered as I combed the fur down with my hand.
“And his eyes are still open!” I cried out so upset.
My little cat was gone and he wasn't coming back.

Doctor Withers, his eyes watery, left the room exam room. It was time to say goodbye. I kissed Bobo one last time and walked out. I cried the whole night, especially seeing my bed with an empty spot where Bobo should have been. I felt empty and my bed felt empty.

Bobo’s ashes arrived sometime later in a little black urn and I stuck his favorite toys in there as well so he could be with them.  All I would have left of Bobo is a little bag of ashes in a black box that sits on a shelf.  I knew he would always me my cat, with me in my heart. I would never love anything like I loved Bobo.  

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this peice because my cat was very important to me and his death was my like a first heartbreak of mine.

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