I Belong

May 11, 2017
By S.orlando BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
S.orlando BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
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During 2nd-6th grade I went to St. Peter's Catholic School, my class was extremely small about 12 kids at most. I lived far from the school and did not really know anyone, I hated the school so much, not because it was a catholic school, or because I had to wear a uniform. I hated the school because I was alone there since second grade. I did not belong with, any group of kids, I had twelve to pick from and none of them liked me. My first day was awful, I remember going to recess and asking if I could join a game of 4 square that only had 3 players. The king gave me a blank stare and said, “We are playing three square.” Her disgusting monotone voice rang through my head the rest of recess. I hate to admit that she made me cry that day, because after my move and missing my friends back in Michigan I just wanted to belong again. Not only did students make me feel unwelcome, but teachers, and the principal made me feel as if I shouldn't be there. I remember having student teacher conferences, it was mandatory for all students. I’d sit across from my teacher with my mom and they would talk about everything I did wrong and never include what I had done right.

The day before my birthday, February 2nd I was removed from St. Peter’s School and it was one of the best days of my life. My parents decided to homeschool me until they figured out where to put me. Then I was moved to  Junior high the following year, I was so nervous and really didn't know how to act, but I made it. I knew that I would make friends, I knew it would happen and I wouldn't be alone. I still didn't know anyone at school, but in my first hour health class this girl kept staring at me, at first I thought it was creepy, but turns out she wanted to be my friend and she is one of my best friends to this day. Seventh grade changed things for me a lot, I wasn't alone during the summer like normal. I didn't watch people have fun and me feel jealous and cry to my dad about it. Things only went up for me in seventh grade, because now I feel like I belong to a group and even if I didn't belong I have about 1000 more people that I can find a home with. Not only did my social life improve, but so did my academic life. I had variety given to me, before it was very cookie cutter math, spelling, reading, science, english, and religion class. All taught by one teacher in the same room for 7 hours. Now I have several teachers and so many classes that I enjoy a lot, like horticulture. Public school has been amazing for me and I'm so glad I had this chance, unlike my siblings, who were stuck in Catholic school.

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