My Life Is Baseball

May 9, 2017
By jschooley9 BRONZE, Williamsport, Ohio
jschooley9 BRONZE, Williamsport, Ohio
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So it all started out as i was a young kid and then it all went from there. I started out playing t-ball then i moved my way up to coach pitch. Coach pitch was really really fun and i wish i could play it again i’d give anything to be able and go back and be able to play coach pitch again. My dad was my coach when i played coach pitch and t-ball.  After i got done with coach pitch i started playing travel ball. Travel ball was a whole new level. But my dad was preparing me for it throughout t-ball and coach pitch. My dad pushes me so hard to be the best that i can be at baseball and i thank him for that because it is just going to help me out in the long run. My dad has pushed me so hard when i was a little kid  i can still remember the times where we used  to go out and hit and he used to hit me ground ball and one reason my infelilding is so good today is because of him he used to hit balls at me as hard as he could to make my reaction quicker and my skills better  but like i said it helped me out in the long run. My dad is always there for me no matter what but mostly for baseball we have a special bond when it comes to sports in general. I know the one reason my dad pushes me so hard in baseball is because he wants me to pursue my dream do something big in life. I honestly don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have my dad by my side throughout the years that i have grew up. There may be a couple times were me and my dad get into arguments but i wouldn’t want that to change for anything. And there are sometimes where i don’t listen to him and i probably should cause whenever he usually tells me something it usually works.Thank you for reading about my life and my passion for the game.

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