When I Could've Died

May 9, 2017
By haydenlemaster BRONZE, Williamsport, Ohio
haydenlemaster BRONZE, Williamsport, Ohio
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I woke up one morning feeling good and not thinking about anything that could have gone bad. I was going hunting with my brother and my dad. I felt good, I felt like it was going to be a great day of hunting. All I thought about was how good of a day it was going to be and never thought what could have went bad while hunting. When we got to the land we had to think where we were going to hunt to where all of us can go together. We were going to the treestand and heard some deer run and I got really tired. When we got there it was almost light, we thought that we might not see anything anymore because we got in the stand to late. We got situated and settled. My brother and I were in one stand and my dad was in one right beside us to where he could help us. My dad was looking and keeping an eye out while we slept. I woke up and asked my dad if he had seen anything, nothing had come in yet and we were losing hope. It was almost lunch time and my brother was still sleeping and I had just woken up. I had spotted something coming through the pine trees. The animal had come out and it was an 8 point buck. I was getting nervous because I had never shot a deer before and a buck for my first would have been crazy. I was getting ready but I had felt to ask my brother if he wanted to shoot it. He said he didn’t want to and went back to sleep. At this time my dad was getting the video camera ready so he can see it in the future. The deer was walking to the left of me so I turned and it wouldn’t stop. I kept stepping back and I stepped off the platform of the treestand. The gun slipped off loaded and cocked and I was falling I grabbed the bar of the treestand and was hanging there. My dad dropped the video camera we had just bought and jumped over top of my brother and grabs me before I fell 15 feet more than likely to my death or serious injuries. That was probably the worst and most dangerous situation we had ever been in while hunting. All though I didn’t get the deer I didn’t fall and was safe and not hurt. After my dad pulled me back up into the stand, we got settled and went to get lunch and was done for the day. On our way home we were talking about it and what could’ve happened but didn’t. We got home and everyone was safe. This makes me think of what to do and where the nearest help is every time I step into the woods. Never think you are safe from anything always take precautions because you never know what might happen.

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I hope this will make everyday human beings to take every precautions possible because you never know what is going to happen

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