No One Likes the Rain

May 8, 2017
By littleseed SILVER, New York, New York
littleseed SILVER, New York, New York
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You want to be doing things when this world is still quiet: the quietness and uncrowdedness is your fuel." -Nicholoson Baker "A Box of Matches"

I know why no one loves the rain. Why even sad poets at times get frustrated and caught up in its fast falling chaotic downpour. Its because of how it resembles crying. Like the clouds are sad and have pent up sadness falling uncontrollably out onto everyone. But no one cares. No one wants the rain because they aren’t involved with the sad. At least they don’t believe they are. The sun gets so much attention and all the night owls stare at the moon but no one will watch the clouds anymore. They go by too fast, they don’t actually look like bears or faces. They aren’t soft. So they get lonely and sad. Now we are all still avoiding them, using umbrellas to mask it away off of our skin. They’re so sad and they cry so hard that all the people are drowned in it. With their clothes all heavy and wet. They have to go inside and change or dry off. Everyone looks unhappy so the cloud drifts off in an apologetic way.

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