Let Me Stare

May 8, 2017
By littleseed SILVER, New York, New York
littleseed SILVER, New York, New York
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You want to be doing things when this world is still quiet: the quietness and uncrowdedness is your fuel." -Nicholoson Baker "A Box of Matches"

Sometimes it feels wrong to love you so much. I blend you into everything because you prove me wrong when other people perpetuate my pain without knowing it.

Every film like moment we’ve had has the sun on your face in a whispered kind of way.

Right now I can’t stop staring at you I want to stare at you forever. I could watch you all the time and how you just think so cleanly and immensely. You are so important and all your detail flourishes and creates rooms full of paper art in every piece of your body. Your skin is a room full of your experiences and falling down on rocks and all the paper has how you explain the stories. So forth and so on and always and forever blah blah

Anyways I wish you weren’t aware of me so I could stare at you and it would all be mine. Cause if you knew I was staring at you, you’d do something in return but i just want you and I don't know what i'm saying i just like you and all the air around you and your smell and the way the slightest move of your head or hand makes me focus.

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