Scene #5,921

May 8, 2017

“I’m really big on living my life like the movies. Cause you know, I can. I like that the music is playing and we are just here and the sun is hitting your face. You’re all beautiful. It’s like a movie scene. I want to put this in a movie.”

“Those are the things people die for in the movies. What you just said.”

“I love you,”

“I love you.”

I wanted to elaborate on “I love you”. But i do it with my tone and the context. With the kind of air in the room. Yesterday I had said it for the first time. Where I meant it and I didn’t feel as scared or grabbing. I just said it softly like I do but without any fear or worries of how you’d hear it because I knew you heard it for what it was. It wasn’t the first time I meant it ever. I always mean “I love you”. But every time it just means something new or different. They all live in a variety.

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