My Brother

May 3, 2017
By Anonymous

My brothers name is Jake, he was born in 1995. Me and him are very close now, we used to not get along very well but something happened that had positive and negative effects on his life. He got in an accident a while back the changed his life and everyone in our family's life. Let's talk about before his accident. Me and my brother were not very close before his car accident. We would barely talk and never hung around each other. We probably fought more than had actual conversations. He used to have really really bad anger issues. I used to be scared to ask him questions that I would be unsure of. This drastically changed though.


The month or so after recovery from his accident  we saw a lot of change in his personality. You could tell that he acted more immature than before. Jake doesn’t really think before he does things anymore but after he does something that he knows is not right he feels really bad. He is a lot more happy and positive than before his accident I think. Always got a smile on his face now and before Jake would look more angry than happy. In the beginning after recovery he had like a switch that was really scary. You would never know what would make him flip and become infuriated. One day I went downstairs to ask him if I could use his fishing pole. He said yes but then I asked him to fix it because it was messed up and then he said no I can’t use it. I told him no, I am still using it. He got super mad and told me to put the fishing pole down. I started walking up the stairs and Jake starts running towards me, you could tell in his face that he was extremely pissed. I’ve never seen him so pissed. He started to get in my face and he said to me, “put the pole down or I am going to hurt you.” He wasn’t letting me leave and I have never been so scared of him in my life. After he did that he felt really bad and decided to text me and apologize. Nothing like that has ever happened again since. Now Jake has never gotten mad at me like that or anywhere near that. Me and him get along very well and hang out all the time. Jake will text me and ask if I want to go on a ride with him in his car, go to the mall with him or go hang with him and his girlfriend.  He actually enjoys to hang with me now and I love it. Having a close relationship with your sibling is honestly the best. I honestly think the accident made him different for the better. Even though it was a terrible tragedy, it made him a lot more close with everyone around him. I am so thankful to still have him in my life. I thank god every day that he is still here today. You should always be thankful for your siblings and try and get along with them as much as possible because you never know when their last day could be.

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my brother

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