Not the Good Kind

May 1, 2017

Some people have soft names, names that flow off your tongue when you say them, names that people enjoy saying out loud. These names are like the good type of candy, candy that melts in your mouth or candy that tastes sweet. People like eating these candies. The other kind of candy don’t taste pleasant. They're harder to eat and they hurt your jaw. My name is like the unappealing, jaw-breaking candies. My name "Colleen" means girl, just girl, nothing special or intriguing about it. The "C" gives it a harsh sound. It's not a sweet sound. It's hard and sour. My name is the bad type of candy. It's the candy that people don’t want even when they’re offered a free piece. It's the candy that even children won't eat. 

My family calls me Leena. Leena is the good candy. It's the candy that everyone enjoys eating. It's not harsh and distasteful like Colleen. Leena is better than Colleen, but it's not my real name.

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