April 15, 2017

I remember when I was little, I would get teased for playing with girls. In preschool, we had recess inside, and they had huge Barbie doll busts for  doing their hair. I tried doing her hair but my teacher told me I couldn't because it was for girls. It bothered me. But I didn't ask why only girls could. One day in third grade it was raining, instead of going outside, we played inside. I wanted to play with the dolls again, but my teacher said that I couldn't because they were girl toys, and that I should play with the Legos instead. But rather than playing with legos I sat at my desk and did nothing for all of recess. The teacher’s aid saw I was sitting alone and asked what was wrong and I said that the teacher wouldn't let me play with the barbies. She then replied that I couldn't play with them because they were girl toys.  In fifth grade I pretended to have feelings for a girl and then "cheat" on her to make me seem more manly. That January, I said that I wanted to be a girl without the parts.  I got teased the rest of the year for that. In sixth grade, I made choir auditions. I was teased for being the only guy in choir. But that's where I met my best friend for the next two years. Eighth grade came and left  and that's where I got the magical idea that  I’m gay. But that's not the case. I'm a guy who is more feminine. I'm a guy who likes guys. I'm different but so are you.  I don't label myself. People are people and at the end of the day we just want to be loved. So the text time you think about judging someone think if you would like to be treated that way.

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