The Night of Excitement

April 11, 2017
By Anonymous

It was the night of April 8, 2017 at a very special event back at my old hometown. I was wearing a black sliming beautiful dress with three inch gladiator style heels. I felt beautiful, as if nothing in the world could ever stop me. My escort looked stunning, he was in a black suit with a bit of burgundy as accents. He looked amazing, nothing in the world could compare to the smile on his face every time he was on that stage. The event started at 6 pm sharp, he was competing for the title of Mr. Cardinal something important to my school. There was three portions he was being judged on and one in particular was when I was accompanying him onto the stage in front of what felt like thousands of people, but it was nothing more than hundred or so. I was nervous, he was nervous and you can tell the crowd was ready for the big reveal. I was standing on the left side of the stage and he was on the right, we were standing behind thin long white curtains hanging from the ceiling. Time felt as if it was slowing down and in that moment I was feeling all sorts of emotion happiness, excitement, fear, and most of all nervousness. No words can explain my fear of messing up and ruining his shot at Mr. Cardinal. As contestant 12 was walking off stage it was our time to shine. The announcer called out, "Contestant #13 and his escort." We were ready, the person directing gave us the signal and we walked until we met in the center and all eyes were on us. Bright lights were shining on us, the lights looked like stars and with all the courage I had I looked up at him and was preparing to face the crowd. He gave me a little smile and I knew it was gonna be okay, we were gonna look fine. I was holding a rose in my left hand and as we were walking towards each other our fingertips touched and he spun me, I felt as if I was a princess at the ball dancing with her Prince Charming. Nothing in the world not even falling on my butt was gonna ruin this moment of happiness I felt. After the spin we locked arms and walked to the center of the stage and I turned to look at him and I gave him the rose, I wasn't sure what to do after but what we did was a really cheesy and dorky thing to do. We turned our backs to each other and our backs were touching. We crossed our arms and did a funny pose and finally we looked at the crowd and a feeling of excitement came across me and in the crowd you can here people saying "Awww". Once we were done he started walking to the right side of the stage and posed, then to the left side and posed, and finally back to the middle gave a wave and walked back towards me. He walked around me and we locked arms and walked off the stage together. This was one of the best nights I've experienced so far. An unforgettable night.

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